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Chill and Diverse: Top Royalty-Free Elevator Music Tracks

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'Elevator music' is what some people call the background music that's played in elevators, when a call is on hold, or in other similar scenarios. It's music that's meant to provide an audible companion, to be heard but not actually specifically listened to. 

For that reason, elevator music is often thought to be light, soft and boring.  

Still, it doesn't have to be this way. You can have diverse, unexpected and chill background music that adds interesting element to audiovisual projects. 

To find the best 'elevator music' that AudioJungle has available, check through the following list.

1. Cheesy Elevator Muzak 

This first royalty-free music track will give you a full idea of what 'elevator music' is commonly thought to be.

2. Phone Holding Pattern 

'Phone Holding Pattern' has an ambient music sound that can make any listener feel at ease and peaceful.

3. Typical Elevator Music and On Hold 

Even though this next song has a very chill and calm vibe, it's latin influence makes you want to dance.

4. Fashion Statement 

In 'Fashion Statement', you'll find a sweet and laid-back royalty-free music track. You can use it to accompany an ad, corporate video or other project.

5. Jazz Dance 

'Jazz Dance' takes things in a different direction. It's upbeat, fun and jazz-inspired. It'll get an audience to their feet.

6. Funny Cheesy Retro 

If you require a quirky song to be the background music to your podcast, video, or other project, listen to this one. This is reminiscent of post-war music used by the likes of the BBC Home Service.

7. Bossa Nova Elevator Music 

Bossa nova is a suave, cool jazz-like music style. It's breezy attitude adds an interesting effect to background music.

8. Background for Interview 

'Background for Interview' is the ultimate song to be talked over. But even if it's muted and understated, it can elevate your project.

9. An Interview Music 

Similarly, 'An Interview Music' is a royalty-free song that increases the production value of podcasts and videos.

10. Minimal Game Background 

In this case, you get a royalty-free elevator music track that has a minimalist style. It employs few sounds brilliantly.

11. Corporate Loop 01 

'Corporate Loop 01' has a very casual, happy and light-hearted sound. It lifts the mood of multimedia projects.

12. Background for Advertising 

Ads require background music that catches the viewer's attention but won't distract them from the main message. Like this one.

13. Game Loop Background 

A royalty-free background song like this one can go perfectly as the intro music track to a news show or the atmosphere to a corporate video.

14. Waiting for You 

'Waiting for You' puts a fun spin on the elevator music type. Its beat make it seem more carefree and silly than others.

15. Minimal Promotional Background 

This next royalty-free elevator music track has a couple instruments that come together to create a simple, yet fun song.

16. Festival Samba 

Samba, the energetic, sexy music genre makes an appearance in this list. Inject some of its festive vibe to your projects with this song.

17. Funny Background 

'Funny Background' is the right pick to help you bring together an audiovisual project that has a lighter mood and subject-matter.

18. Smooth Jazz Espresso 

An easygoing, smooth jazz music piece adds a very interesting element to the background of audiovisuals.

19. Warm Background 

The 'Warm Background' music track has a sound that's sunny, light and that's sure to put anyone in a good mood. 

20. Coffee at Sunrise 

The last addition to the list is 'Coffee at Sunrise'. It's a relaxing song with soothing strings, a relaxed beat and a soft piano.


If you've the need for background music, you don't have to go for a boring, generic option. You can listen to the royalty-free music tracks in this post to find a piece that elevates the quality of the project you're working on. 

If you didn't find the perfect match here, remember that AudioJungle has a massive library of top quality, royalty-free songs that you can use in your multimedia projects.

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