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Community Project: Vocal Processing Results

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We’ve just completed our second Audiotuts+ Community Project. Thanks to everyone who participated. Have a listen to the submissions we received, and compare them with the results of the original tutorial.

The Challenge

We gave an option of two challenges: clean up a voiceover, and process a rock vocal track. All of the submissions we received were rock vocals. I'm not sure if the voiceover was too boring, or too hard to clean up.

Refer to Björgvin Benediktsson’s tutorial How to Mix In-Your-Face Rock Vocals and follow the steps to complete the project.

A Couple of Examples

Here are three submissions that caught my ear:

This sound was mixed by me, with audio provided by Audiotuts+. The mix was done in Protools 9, using Waves plugins, fully In the Box.

Vocal FX Chain
-HPF @ 108hz
-3db @ 180hz
-3db @ 1.40kHz
Waves CLA-2A @ max reduction
+2db @ 500hz
-2db @ 1.5kHz
-2db @ 3kHz
-"Room" verb, with added stereo separation @ 200%
-Ping pong, short vintage delay

Which is your favorite?

Compare them to the before and after audio examples in the original tutorial. In this video you can hear the sound change as each stage of processing is added.

How Did We Go?

I hope you’ve enjoyed participating in the project and/or checking out the results. Feel free to leave constructive advice, questions and thoughts in the comments below.

  • Do you have any thoughts about how we can improve the next project?
  • Was SoundCloud an appropriate way to collect everyone’s submissions?
  • Were the procedures explained clearly enough?
  • Any other thoughts?

Please let us know in the comments below. Here’s to many more Audiotuts+ Community Projects!

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