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Audacity isn't a digital audio workstation. It's an audio editor that's cross-platform (including Windows, Mac and Linux), open source, and free of charge.

The program is very popular, and incredibly versatile - like the swiss army knife of the audio world. This versatility leads some people to use it as a DAW replacement. Are you a fan of Audacity? How far have you been able to take it?

This article was previously published on the AudioJungle blog. We'll be bringing you an article from the archives a few times a month.

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About Audacity

The creator of Audacity, Dominic Mazzoni, is now an employee of Google. He initially created Audacity as a grad student, and remains very involved in the project.

The Audacity website lists the programs full set of features, which include recording, import and export (making it useful for conversion between many audio formats), multi-track editing, effects, sound quality, support for plug-ins (including VST and LADSPA), and spectrographic analysis.

The free price, open philosophy, long list of features, and relative ease of use, have given it a place on many hard drives - and not just musicians and music producers. Let us know what you think of the program in the comments.

Audacity Screenshot

10 Audacity Tutorials

1. Free Recording Software: Audacity Tutorial Part One The first in a series of tutorials to show how to use the free recording software called Audacity. This video shows how to download the program and the LAME mp3 encoder.

2. Free Recording Software: Audacity Tutorial Part Two The second video in a series of tutorials to show how to use the free recording software called Audacity. This video shows how to change your preferences on Audacity, as well as how to record your voice, zoom in and save a recording.

3. Audacity Tutorial for Podcasting

How to use Audacity for Windows to record a basic podcast.

4. Free Recording Software: Audacity Tutorial Part 1

Audacity is free recording software that can be use to record multiple tracks and layer them together. Find out how to use Audacity as a multi-track recording program with helpful tips from a software developer in this free video on computers.

5. Newbie home recording tutorial (1): Audacity

Really basic information how to connect microphone (1/8" TRS jack - or 1/4" TRS jack using a converter), how to check out Windows settings for it and how to make Audacity software up and running.

6. Basic Recording Guide. Getting Started with Audacity. Cheap Home Recording Studio

This is a video guide of the Basic Recording Guide on my site http://www.cheaphomestudio....

7. Mixing with Audacity

Learn how to extract audio clips from a longer recording and mix them back into a new music track. Download Audacity for free from

8. Audacity Tutorial - Tech Tip 3 - Isolating Kick Drums
In this tutorial we show you how to use the freely available audio editor 'Audacity' to quickly isolate and extract a kick drum from a drum loop for use in your own tracks!

9. Title V: Advanced Audacity Tutorial Part I

This tutorial will provide a review of the Audacity interface, as well as advanced tools such as noise removal, eq, compression, and envelopes.

10. Auto-Tune with Audacity Tutorial

This video will show you how to auto tune with Audacity!

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