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Discover Music with Garage Band

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Apple's Garage Band is a great way to get into music, whether it's learning a musical instrument or starting to produce your own music. It's part of the iLife suite, which is inexpensive at $79, and also includes iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and iWeb. It includes music lessons and a reasonable DAW complete with plug-ins, loops and instruments.

I've just started teaching my 15-year-old daughter to play piano using the lessons in Garage Band, and so far I'm very impressed. The first lesson teaches a basic chord progression, and having to play the chords along with the computer teaches good timing. So far it's a winner.

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Coming from Apple, this program only works on Mac OSX. There isn't really an equivalent for Microsoft Windows, but Sony Sound Forge or Acoustica Mixcraft are worth looking at.

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About Garage Band

Apple developed Garage Band in 2002 using some of the former Emagic team who produced Logic Audio. Driven by its ease of use and low price, Garage Band has become very popular, and is commonly used by podcasts, amateur musicians and general Mac users with an interest in music.

Musicians wanted: No experience necessary.

Welcome to the school of rock. A Mac-sized practice space. Your own recording studio. If you want to learn to play an instrument, write music, or record a song, GarageBand can help — whether you’re a rookie or a rock star.

The program has limitations which may hinder the professional musician. It can't send MIDI messages to external sound modules and other devices, and receives a limited number of MIDI messages from external controllers. And the program only supports one time signature per song.

Here are some of the program's major features:

Audio and MIDI recording:

  • audio recording
  • MIDI sequencing
  • built-in audio filters
  • a tuning system including autotune
  • piano roll and notation editing for MIDI.

Virtual software instruments:

  • over 100 sampled or synthesized instruments are included
  • additional instruments can be purchased in "Jam Packs"
  • an external or on-screen keyboard can be used to play the instruments.

Music lessons:

  • pre-recorded music lessons for guitar and piano
  • additional "Basic Lessons" (for beginners) and "Artist Lessons" (for more advanced players) can be purchased.

8 Garage Band Tutorials

The following tutorials come from several versions of the program, but most of the techniques taught are relevant to all versions.

1. Garageband Tutorial Part 1

Part 1 of my beginners tutorial for Garageband 3. This part is a quick overview of the interface. Be sure to watch part 2 as well!

2. Garageband Tutorial Part 2

This is part two of my beginners tutorial for Garageband 3. The technofodder website mentioned in the video isn't around any more. Feel free to ask me questions here or you can find various contact info at

3. How To Make Your Own Beats Using Garageband Vol.1

Hey everyone, we here at put together a video complication about a music making software called Garageband. Garageband is only available on mac computers. It is a very easy to use and fun program. If you are having problems viewing these videos, please visit

4. Garage Band 101

A short Garage Band tutorial made for Mariachi Film Festival sponsor

5. Garage Band Tutorial - Record Real instrument

I wanted to use my new microphone so I made a quick tutorial on how to use GarageBand.

6. How to Setup your Guitar with GarageBand in a Mac

I had this problem, that GarageBand would only accept me to record from the In-built mic, but I found out how to do it, just make sure your guitar is connected to your mac and everything else do as I do on the video. If you have any doubts feel free to PM' me.

Please if this video helped rate 5 stars and if you found it helpful enough favorite it, it helps me a lot and if you're cool enough subscribe to my videos! I really appreciate that :)

7. How To Sound Like Chris Brown - GarageBand AutoTune Tutorial

In this 'how to' auto tune tutorial you will learn how to sound like Chris Brown using AutoTune in GarageBand iLife 09 for free with your host for uSchoolme, Fitzroy Daring.

No plugins needed. Just your mac running GarageBand. AND YOU WILL SOUND LIKE CHRIS BROWN, Kanye West, T Pain, Black Eyed Peas and many other artists and musicians who use the auto tune effect.

8. Garageband Tutorial - How to do Automation in Garageband

What is automation? Here's where you will learn, and this will save you allot of time! yDOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL & FREE LOOPS AT: More tutorials for FL Studio, Garageband, Logic, Reason, Ableton, MPC and more! Get ahead of the game, and learn more with Prime Loops.

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