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DIY Sample Series—Clicky Ticky Sounds

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One of the frustrations in recording is searching for just the right sounds. Percussion elements can very daunting to sort through. In this tutorial series you will learn how make your own sounds that are one hundred per cent yours. 

Throughout this series you will see how to sample unique shakers and drums, stick noises and claps, and more unique elements for impacts. I will cover how to sample some more traditional elements that I like use all the time such as cymbal hits, chokes, and rolls. 

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to sample and program something that I like to call clicky ticky sounds. These are very short, very dry, high frequency noises that work really well layered over other percussion elements. Things like drum stick clicks, brushes on shakers, and chopsticks hitting all kinds of stuff. 

You will also learn how to chop them up and program them with a free sample player that works on Mac and PC called sforzando


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