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Energetic and Rebellious: Top Royalty-Free Punk Music Tracks

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Punk is a music genre that emerged from the depths of 1970s New York City and London. Back in the day, the movement's main philosophy was to be different, irreverent, fast and innovative. 

And it showed. The music itself was marked by noisy and mostly unskilled guitars, bass, drums and vocals that exploded with energy for a short period of time. As such, punk music became a symbol of protest, rebellion, youth and fun. 

Nowadays, punk has evolved into a slew of different sounds and has taken a slew of different meanings. Still, its fun and energetic vibe persists. 

If you want to add some of it to your audiovisuals project, you'll need top quality royalty-free punk music tracks. Scroll through the post below to find the best AudioJungle has to offer.

1. Seventeen 

Beginning the list with a pop take on punk music, 'Seventeen' is a song that seventeen year-olds will enjoy.

2. The Zeppelin 

This music track has a very hard rock vibe to it. Still, its dynamism and energy are very much the essence of punk.

3. To Be Punk 

Strident, powerful and jumpy guitars lead this song. This royalty-free punk music track could be the soundtrack to an action-packed scene.

4. Happy and Catchy Guitar Rock 

This song is just what its title says it's going to be: it's happy and catchy. It's also very electric and fun.

5. Indie Fun Party 

'Indie Fun Party' is an upbeat song that you can use to bring life into an audiovisual project.

6. Rocked 

This song is reminiscent of the powerful, high-energy sounds of the hard rock bands of the 1970s. 

7. A Perfect Day 

Strong but uplifting vocals accompany this strong but uplifting song. It could be the perfect fit if you have a fun audiovisual in the works.

8. Ska Hymn 

Ska punk is a very cool mix of ska and punk music that found its success in the '90s. Reference it in your projects with this song.

9. Rock That Energy 

'Rock That Energy' is another ska punk song that has joyful brass instruments and powerful guitars.

10. Hooligan Swing 

To continue with the ska punk vibe, 'Hooligan Swing'. It has a comedic element to it that will liven up a project.

11. Building Excitement 

Even though this music track starts out slow, it quickly evolves into an exciting and energetic song.

12. Smile, That Was It 

Increase the enthusiasm and tempo in your audiovisual projects with this royalty-free punk music track.

13. Night Walk 

'Night Walk' has guitars and drums that are very present. This song elevates any scene it's in.

14. It's Alright 

The happy, uplifting mood of this song could go perfectly in a commercial, a corporate video, or other similar project.

15. 2007 Indie Pop Rock 

This song is something you would hear in the radio during the year 2007. Give a slightly-vintage feel to your projects with it.

16. Deck The Halls Christmas Rock 

Who says Christmas music can't be a little bit punk? Download this song to add an edgy spin to a classic.

17. Energetic and Uplifting Rock 

Let's get the intensity back up with 'Energetic and Uplifting Rock'. It works well in an action video game.

18. Jingle Bells Punk 

Christmas music makes an appearance in this list once more. Jingle the bells in punk style with this music track.

19. Pop Punk 

Pop punk is a music genre that takes the energy of punk music and makes it more approachable to the masses, like this song.

20. Exuberant Cheerful Pop-Punk 

Finally, get your audiovisual projects hyped-up with this exuberant music track. It sure has the energy you need. 


The rebellious energy of punk music is unparalleled. If you need to inject multimedia projects such video games, commercials or podcasts with that kind of hype, adding royalty-free punk music tracks is the way to do it. 

Still, if the options in this post didn't suit your needs, browse AudioJungle to find the best punk songs the Internet has to offer.

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