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Guitar Arpeggios: Playing Over Chord Changes

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Read Time: 1 min

Not every guitarist is able to play over chord changes, but it's a key skill, whether you play jazz or improvise in your bedroom. In this video series on playing guitar arpeggios, we start at the beginning by explaining what an arpeggio is, and how to play them. Embrace this topic, and see how musical your improvisations become.


  • What Is an Arpeggio? (0:20)
  • Practising Arpeggios (2:31)
  • Playing Arpeggios Over Progressions (3:34)
  • Playing Minor Arpeggios (6:15)
  • Improvising Over a Backing Track (8:36)

Supplementary Material

Here's a PDF that explains the shapes I used in the video:

Here are the two backing tracks I played over in the video. Use them to practice your arpeggios:

  • Major Funky
  • Rocky Minor

If you feel like going more rock-style, here's a transcription of the lick I played at the beginning of the video:

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