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How to Analyse Room Reverb for Voice Recording

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This post is part of a series called How to Record Voice Overs for Film and Video.
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If you have ever sat at the back of a classroom, lecture hall or church listening to a speaker, you'll recall that it can be extremely difficult to hear exactly what they're saying. The words flow in to each other and become a mushy, unintelligible mess. This is because of reverb.

Now think of how a speaker sounds on the radio. Direct and clear.

The larger the room you record in, the less intelligible the speaker will be. There is in fact an ideal reverb time for speech intelligibility. 

In this video I will tell you what to aim for. I will also show you step by step how to analyse and calculate the reverb time of any room. Finally I'll tell you how to improve the reverb time of a room if you have no other choice.


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