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How to Choose the Right Microphone for Voice Recording

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Talking about which microphone to use for a particular application is a minefield, because everyone has opinions. In this short tutorial, audio production expert Dave Bode will teach you about a few different microphone types and give you some recommendations on what to use.

Specifically, Dave will explain:

  • the difference between dynamic, condenser and piezo microphones
  • the pros and cons of each type of microphone for different projects
  • the importance of direction: cardioid, omni, or shotgun

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the Full Course

Voice-overs are everywhere. News reporting, story telling, slide shows, training videos, web presentations, and advertisements are just some of the productions that use voice recordings as an essential element. 

Producing a good voice-over isn’t difficult, and the equipment you need is inexpensive. The quality of your voice-overs, however, will only be as good as your ability to control the sound and your techniques for capturing the audio. 

In the full course, The Art of Voice Recording, you'll learn about basic audio recording techniques, equipment options, acoustic treatment, and how to properly use the gear. In addition to the technical aspect of this course, you will also learn about how to prepare for the read and how to work with clients to make sure expectations are met.


Microphone by Shahriar Emil from the Noun Project.

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