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Our Complete Walkthrough of What's New in Logic Pro X

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The new version of Logic Pro is finally here. Apple's Logic Pro X is now available in the Mac App Store. The new version includes several new features, including Track Stacks, MIDI FX, Retro Synth, Flex Pitch, Drummer, and an iPad Remote app. In this article, Robert Anthony will explain these new featuers in a series of video tutorials. Let's take a look!

1. New Interface

Logic Pro X has a great new interface that manages to pack more features into an already feature-rich program, yet actually streamline the look and feel of the application. Minor changes to complete overhauls, Logic Pro X has a great new UI.

2. Track Stacks

Track Stacks are two great new ways to organize your sequencer tracks into expandable folders, and even group, bus and control multiple sequencer tracks and their virtual instruments or audio tracks from a single Track Stack.

3. New Audio Editing View

The new track view in the audio editor is a great way to perform non-destructive edits to audio regions without having to constantly zoom in and out of the sequencer area.

4. Redesigned Mixer

The mixer inside of Logic Pro X has been completely redesigned. From small enhancements to major new features, the redesigned mixer is sure to be a game changer.


MIDI FX are a powerful set of plug-ins that you can use on virtual Instrument tracks to dynamically affect the incoming MIDI data from the sequencer and process it before it is sent to the channel strip outputs. From arpeggiators to chord triggers, MIDI FX are sure to give you a new level of creative flexibility.

6. Retro Synth

Retro Synth is an amazing new virtual synthesizer that has been added to the already amazing list of synths that ship with Logic Pro X. From warm analog pads the aggressive FM leads, Retro Synth is sure to find a place in your productions.

7. Smart Controls

Smart Controls bring macro assignments to Logic Pro X. With Smart Controls you can freely assign any number of parameters from any instrument or plug-in on the channel strip, and even assign them to your hardware controller or automate them in the sequencer.

8. Logic Remote

Alongside Logic Pro X, Apple has released a free accompanying iPad app called Logic Remote. Logic Remote allows you to use your iPad as a wireless extension of Logic Pro X to control a wide range go functions from transport controls, mixer settings and channel strip presets.

9. Flex Pitch

Flex Pitch marks the second Flex tool in Logic Pro. Flex Pitch allows you to non-destructively edit the pitch of audio files inside of Logic Pro X for corrective and creative purposes. Flex Pitch offers a number of editing capabilities that can easily rival the likes of Celemony and Antares.

10. Drummer

Drummer brings into Logic Pro X a veritable convoy of virtual professional drummers. Apple has collaborated with some of the top drummers to bring you a wide variety of styes and personalty sitting on the throne behind completely customizable drum kits.

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