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Podcast intro music is the music that plays at the beginning of a podcast and fades away gradually as the presenter beings to speak. This intro music is like an audio logo. It is the signature sound that listeners will identify a particular podcast. As it's the first thing they'll hear, it sets the mood and tone for the show. 

It stands to reason, therefore, that if you’ve decided to create your own podcast you need to take some time to find the right music. In this article, I list 20 great tracks for your Podcast Intro Music

All the tracks are royalty free. That doesn’t mean they’re free, rather it means that once you’ve selected the appropriate licence for your use of the music and paid for the download, you can use the track as often as you like based on the terms of your licence and never have to pay any additional future costs.

Podcast Intro Music: 20 Top Tracks

1. Uplifting & Inspiring Corporate

Uplifting & Inspiring Corporate is an lovely upbeat tune that would be perfect for a variety of podcasts intros. What's great about the track is that it could also be weaved into segment changes and outros as well.  

2. Upbeat & Energetic Funky Groove

Upbeat & Energetic Funky Groove is a high energy track with a great funky beat and a signature short chorus of "Heys" at various intervals. Use it as a podcast intro to inject a bit of fun and energy into the opening.

3. Upbeat Uplifting Fresh & Inspiring Pop

Upbeat Uplifting Fresh & Inspiring Pop features electro and acoustic guitar, drums and percussion to create a cool inspiring optimistic tone that's great for podcasts that cover any number of subjects from travel adventure to nutrition to lifestyle. 

4. Energetic & Upbeat Indie Rock

Energetic & Upbeat Indie Rock featuring a catchy guitar hook with indie style vocal elements and whistling. The track comes in four lengths: short, medium, standard length and loopable so that if you want to incorporate different elements of the tracking your segment breaks you can do so easily. 

5. Upbeat Pop

Planning a new podcast and looking for just the right signature track for your intro? Upbeat Pop is a great choice for your educational, lifestyle, marketing or just about any other type of podcast.

6. Upbeat Corporate

Upbeat Corporate is light and easy track that can will complement any podcast intro. The track comes in four variations.

7. Happy

Happy is the right title for this vibrant track that brings an air of youthful energy to a Podcast intro. The track features acoustic guitars, ukulele, piano, bells, drums, bass and percussion and comes in four lengths: short, medium and long. 

8. Upbeat Corporate Background

With it's cheerful melodies, handicapping and whimsical touches, Upbeat Corporate Background helps any podcast stand out from the crown. 

9. Happy Indie Pop Guitar

Happy Indie Pop Guitar is another quirky upbeat track that is so infectious it'll make the podcast audience want to dance each time they hear it. Great for motivational, lifestyle or creative material. 

10. Take My Picture

With its great classic rock sound, Take My Picture is perfect for your podcast intro as well as outdo. The track is a great signature that will make your podcast recognisable instantly. 

11. Happy Life

Happy Life is a modern and positive track with an infectious and catchy beat. Edit the track to the length you need and start a podcast off on the right track. 

12. Podcast Intro Background

Using bass, pads and light drums, Podcast Intro Background offers a unique sound that  certainly sets a podcast apart. The track comes in three versions logo, short and loop, with logo being the perfect length of a podcast intro.

13. Old School Funky Podcast Intro

Deliver on the old school funk in your new podcast with Old School Funky Podcast Intro. The awesome horn section with funky guitars and groovy drum and bass helps make a podcast unforgettable. 

14. The Funky Podcast Intro

The Funky Podcast Intro is a bit reminiscent of 70’s police and detective shows. This retro quality will certain separate any podcast from the crowd and give it that signature intro sound it deserves. 

15. News

If you podcast is all about news then this track aptly called News is a must try. Elegant and expressive, the track features synth bass, timpani, synth pulse, hits, strings, pads and more. It comes in four versions of varying lengths. 

16. Happy Dance Pop

Happy Dance Pop is a commercial dance pop track with a catchy melody, powerful bass, pop drums and cool guitar. This track comes in MP3 and Wav. 

17. Epic Motivational Energetic Upbeat Rock

Epic Motivational Energetic Upbeat Rock is a hard indie rock track featuring distorted electric guitars, bass, aggressive and energetic drums, soaring strings, piano and synth. Use it in your podcast intro and you'll 

18. Indie Rock

Indie Rock is a fast tempo track with electric guitar and background vocals that combine to create an upbeat and happy melody. It's perfect for podcasts such as health and fitness, lifestyle, food and more besides.

19. Energetic Indie Rock

Energetic Indie Rock is an energetic and bright track with great guitar melody and modern vocal harmonies. It'll make an excellent podcast intro for your show. The track comes in five versions.

20. Motivational Uplifting Inspiring Upbeat Corporate

Motivational Uplifting Inspiring Upbeat Corporate is a catchy and energetic guitar melody featuring orchestral strings, piano, marimbas, bells and rock/pop drums.

The arrangement offers many variations and editing points so that can use it for a podcast intro as well as elsewhere in the production. 

Choose Royalty Free Podcast Intro Music 

These 20 royalty free podcast intros are just a small selection of the thousands of podcast intro music available at AudioJungle, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose. 

If you want to improve your skills building music tracks yourself, then take a look at some of the ever-so-useful music and audio tutorials on offer.

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