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Popular Royalty Free Music: 20 Picks for 2019

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Music has the ability to influence a mood in ways that other forms of human expression can't. Ensuring multimedia projects contain music that sets the mood that you wish to convey is crucial for the success of any project.

In this article, I've collated the 20 best Royalty Free Music tracks of 2019 from AudioJungle that include electronic, cinematic, instrumental and uplifting tracks. 

These tracks are ready to take your projects to the next level, so check them out!

1. Upbeat and Inspiring Corporate

Inspirational, catchy and heart-warming. This music fits perfectly in your next corporate multimedia project.

2. Energetic & Upbeat Indie Rock

This song helps to put an audience in the perfect mood to watch and listen. Driving guitars, a quick rhythm and catchy whistling make this a crowd-pleasing song.  

3. Inspiring Uplifting Emotional Piano

Emotion, passion and hope are all emotions that this track conveys. It's theatrical and dramatic arrangement breathes life into any multimedia project. 

4. Emotional Motivation Cinematic Trailer

For a royalty-free track that puts the listener in an uplifting and epic cinematic mood, give 'Emotional Motivation Cinematic Trailer' a listen.

5. Hip-Hop This

Groovy, funky and fun vibes are sure to add the necessary interest and excitement to multimedia projects. The royalty-free song, 'Hip-Hop This' is sure to inject these vibes into your next project.

6. Upbeat Uplifting Fresh & Inspiring Pop

For a carefree, royalty-free tune that sets a friendly and engaging atmosphere, try 'Upbeat Uplifting Fresh & Inspiring Pop.' 

7. Inspiring

Motivational piano chords, guitar strumming and beautiful piano melodies all come together in this royalty-free track to create a song that can't wait to be in your next corporate project. 

8. Stomps

The name says it all. As soon as you press the play button, you're hit with stomping followed by an infectious drum line and chants. If you're looking for a song to make a statement, then this track is for you.

9. Upbeat Indie Folk

Take your audience on a sweet and fun ride with this emotional and uplifting song. Give your next audiovisual project a feel-good vibe with 'Upbeat Indie Folk.'

10. Percussive Energetic Upbeat Action & Sports

Get up and start dancing! Percussion instruments add energy, power and rhythm. If you need to get the audience's attention, this royalty-free track is for you.

11. Stylish Powerful Indie Rock

To add an edge to your latest audiovisual project, try out this track. The distorted guitars and in-your-face drums are sure to get your audience into a rock and roll mood. 

12. Corporate Inspiration Background Uplifting Ambient

'Corporate Inspiration Background Uplifting Ambient' has a laidback melody that would be an ideal background track for your next corporate project. 

13. The Passion ( Sophistication, Success, Love, Intellect, Advertise )

If you are looking for a more sophisticated and fast-paced royalty-free song, then check out 'The Passion.' The frantic violins and somber cellos combine to create an engaging experience for anyone listening.  

14. Inspiring Chillout Ambient

This song is the perfect one to introduce a sense of progression and harmony in any multimedia plan you're working on.

15. Upbeat Inspiring Pop

You can do it! After listening to this song, you will feel like you can conquer the world. This makes 'Upbeat Inspiring Pop' an excellent track to add an uplifting vibe to any audiovisual project. 

16. Dramatic Trailer & Sport Big Beat

Intensity, suspense and drama are the name of the game with this royalty-free track. Don't miss out on this thrilling epic track. 

17. In Epic

The title says it all. Add an uplifting cinematic feel to your next project with 'In Epic.'

18. Driving Upbeat & Uplifting Energetic Indie Rock

This upbeat Indie Rock track has it all. The groove, attitude and feel good vibes are sure to lift the mood for any multimedia project.    

19. Futuristic Technology Uplifting Electronic

Take a dive into the electronic music world with 'Futuristic Technology Uplifting Electronic.' Melodic synths, catchy arpeggios and rocking drumbeats will take your next project to a whole new level. 

20. Fun & Quirky Upbeat Retro

You can't help but smile when listening to this royalty-free track. Try it out this track when you want to lighten the mood!


The 20 best royalty-free music tracks of 2019 represent just a small selection of the thousands of tracks available at AudioJungle.

If none of these tracks fit are what you need for your next project, you're sure to find the perfect royalty-free music if you browse through the large collection on AudioJungle.

If you want to try creating and editing your own music or improving these skills, head over to the music and audio tutorials section of Envato Tuts+ and dive into all the free, in-depth tutorials available.

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