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Quick Tip: Finding Tempo Using Beat Calculator

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You can't ignore the tempo of a song—every piece of music in the world has one. It's a fundamental principal of music. It drives the feel of the song, and adds emotion. 

But you have to get it right! An EDM song won't work with tempos of 50 or 60! In this quick tip, I will show you how to use Cubase's Tap Tempo feature and Beat Calculator. 

These features are available in almost all DAWs, but in this quick tip, I will be using Cubase as an example.

Beat Calculator

Cubase's Beat Calculator helps you to calculate the tempo of freely recorded audio. It also helps adding time-based effects, and other instruments which have a specific fixed tempo.

Before you open it, you need to select a part of your audio that has an exact number of beats. It's recommended to select four beats if the song is in 4/4 time, and three beats if it is in 3/4. 

Once you have done that, open the Beat Calculator by clicking on the Project menu and then selecting Beat Calculator.

Now, in the Beats field, enter the number of beats that is contained in your selection. You can adjust the length of the selection without closing the Beat Calculator window. After adjusting the selection, click on Refresh to update the selection into the Beat Calculator window.

Click At Tempo Track Start if you want the tempo to be adjusted at the start of the tempo track. If you want to change the tempo only at the start of the selection, click At Selection Start.

Tap Tempo

Tap Tempo allows you to fix a tempo by tapping. Click on the Tap Tempo button in the Beat Calculator to open the Tap Tempo dialog box. Tap the tempo using the spacebar or mouse. You can also activate playback so that you can sync your tapping with the music.

Once you have finished tapping, the average timing of the taps will be calculated and displayed. Now click on OK and the tempo that was calculated using the tapping method will be displayed in the BPM field.


Tap tempo is an indispensable tool for DJs and remixers. It helps you to find the tempo of songs easily, and will make adding extra rhythm and slices simple. 

You can also use this function to find the tempo of songs that are performed live, because many drummers prefer not to use a metronome for live performances. If you need to remix the live performance, there’s no need to worry about the tempo, because Beat Calculator will come to your rescue.

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