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Smooth and Cool: the Best Royalty-Free Jazz Music Tracks

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Jazz is often thought of as one of the most skillful, clever, energetic, smooth and cool music genres out there. 

Originating in New Orleans around the early 20th century, jazz quickly became one of the most popular styles in the United States. Nowadays, jazz is a classic music style. Also, it has evolved into a myriad different sub-genres (swing, bossa nova, ragtime, funk and plenty others). 

If you want to put that distinctive jazz vibe into audiovisuals, I've put together a list with the best royalty-free jazz music tracks. You may download all of them through AudioJungle to elevate the production value of your multimedia projects.

1. Beautiful Daydream 

This first song is carefree, catchy and a lot of fun. Sing along to it and include it in your project's soundtrack.

2. Swing Vox 

'Swing Vox' offers an upbeat melody that has a slight mischievous feel to it. Plus, you can snap your fingers to it.

3. Funny Jazz 

When you listen to this royalty-free jazz music track, you'll want to put it in an ad, a vlog, or other feelgood video.

4. Swing It 

Personally, my favourite song from the list. It mixes in electronic elements with a retro mood wonderfully.

5. Cheesy Elevator Muzak 

If you've ever wondered what elevator music sounds like, press play on this song to get a great example of it

6. Acid Jazz Loop 

'Acid Jazz Loop' has a high tempo and a very funky vibe. I can imagine it playing as the background music to a video game.

7. New Orleans Jazz 

'New Orleans Jazz' is all about that big band jazz sound. It has a bouncy rhythm and very bright trumpets.

8. Happy Jazz 

If you want your audience feel good and to whistle along to your audiovisual projects, use 'Happy Jazz'.

9. Smoking Club 

'Smoking Club' is another music piece that puts a smile on the faces of the audience. It's ideal as the intro song to a podcast.

10. Upbeat Fun Piano Blues 

When you think about jazz music, a song such as 'Upbeat Fun Piano Blues' probably comes to your head.

11. This Jazz 

This is another masterful royalty-free jazz music track that you can add to your projects to elevate them.

12. Coffee in French 

Drinking a hot cup of coffee, or cafe au lait, can help you relax and unwind, just like this song will.

13. City Highway 

For a more rock and roll and blues-inspired take on jazz music, listen to 'City Highway'.

14. Electro Swing 

To give projects an awesome mixture of electronic dance music and swing, download this track.

15. Ukulele Blues 

This royalty-free jazz music track is heavily inspired in blues music. Still, the ukulele gives it a happier feeling.

16. Quick Jazzy Jaunt 

When you press the play button on this song, you'll instantly start to picture flapper girls and dapper guys dancing to it.

17. Sleuth Central 

This one is smoothness and chill vibes made into a song. Use this track to give your projects a suave style.

18. Gypsy Jazz Ukulele 

'Gypsy Jazz Ukulele' transports the listener to the beach. Just imagine it playing while laying in a hammock.

19. Cocktail Lounge 

'Cocktail Lounge' is a royalty-free jazz music track that has all of the elements you'd expect from a laid-back song.

20. Old Longplay Electro Swing 

Let me finish off the list on a high note! 'Old Longplay Electro Swing' is energetic and modern with vintage elements. 


Jazz music is fun, diverse, elegant and smooth. To inject some of that quirkiness into your own multimedia projects, go through the royalty-free jazz music tracks in this list. They're the best of the best and will elevate your projects' production value. 

However, there is a ton of other cool jazz songs that you can download from AudioJungle

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