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Sounds of Nature: Highest Rated Sound Effects

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Nature is majestic, awesome, essential and nurturing. Not only is it stunning and a delight to look at, but it also produces some wonderful sounds. The soothing sound of waves breaking on the beach. The roar of a powerful thunder. The energetic chirp of birds in the morning.

The sounds of nature create an ambiance and mood unlike any other. Additionally, they symbolize a myriad different things, as well as help you construct a world and vibe in your own multimedia projects.

For that to happen, however, you'll need to ensure you have high quality nature sound effects. To help you, in this article I've collated some of the best that AudioJungle has to offer. Listen through them and make your picks.

1. Wind 

The howl of strong winds connotes a sense of loneliness and emptiness. It also makes a scene feel cold and dark. 

2. Ice Cracking 

Similarly, the sound of ice cracking makes a particular moment in a project seem tense, gloomy and unpleasant.

3. Cat Meow 

A cat's meow is also a sound of nature. If a video, game, or other project has a cat that needs to make its presence known, this sound is how you do it.

4. Hawk 

Few birds as dignified and intimidating as a hawk. Its call is even more chilling and hair-raising. Keep your audience on their toes with this effect.

5. Huge Fire Burning 

More often than not, the sound of a huge fire burning isn't a good sign. Make use of that sentiment in your project with this nature sound effect.

6. Sfx—Sea, Ocean Waves 

This is a sound that many people wished to be around all of the time. The sound of ocean waves has to be one of the most calming out there.

7. Summer Rain 

And speaking of calming sounds, the crackles of light, summer rain hitting the ground. They can create a dramatic ambiance in a video.

8. T-Rex Roar 

Dinosaurs were also part of nature, ...once. Produce terror and fright in multimedia projects with the roar of a T-Rex.

9. Rooster Crowing 

Make it clear that it's early in the morning with the nature sound effect of a rooster crowing at the break of dawn.

10. Bee Buzz 

Bees are the unsung heroes of the world. Still, their buzz can put your nerves on edge. Capture that feeling in your audiovisuals with this effect.

11. Cricket at Night 

Just like a rooster's crow indicates it's morning time, the sound of crickets chirping lets the audience know it's nighttime.

12. Medium-Sized Stream Sound 

The tranquil clanks of a medium-sized stream can have a comforting effect in the context of your audiovisual.

13. Winter Wind 

If you want the audience to feel chilly and frostbitten, you'll need the sound effect of a strong winter wind, such as this one.

14. Fire Burning Crackling Sound 

As opposed to the roaring sound of big fire, the nature sound effect of fire crackling can produce warm and cozy feelings.

15. Owl Hoot 

Owls are nocturnal birds and their hoots can fill in the air in the nighttime. They can also be mysterious and daunting.

16. Mouse Squeaks 

When used correctly, the squeak of a mouse has a lot of meaning. Explore the possibilities with this sound effect.

17. Lone Wolf Howling 

The howl of a wolf signifies a threat. However, it also mean loneliness depending on the context in which it's used.

18. Woodland Birds 

The chirps of birds adds the perfect touch to a scene in the woods or another natural setting.

19. Water Stream Running 

If you close your eyes when you listen to this next nature sound effect, you'll feel like you're standing in a river.

20. Bees Buzzing Around and Landing on Twigs 

In this last example of a nature sound effect, you get the sound of a bee buzzing around and interacting with its environment


Nature is incredible. It's sounds alone can transport you and provoke every type of feeling in you. If you have an audiovisual project in the works, the sounds of nature can also help you set a mood and symbolize something specific. 

Nonetheless, you need to use high-quality nature sound effects to convey the message accurately. 

Take a listen to the ones in this post to find the right one for you. If you don't, remember you can click through AudioJungle's vast library to find the perfect fit for your project. And you can now also download free sound effects from Mixkit.

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