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Top 10 Pop Songs for Slideshows and Video

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Pop is an ever-changing genre of music, but while trends are constantly coming and going the sensibilities of pop have remained consistent. In this roundup we’ve put together some of our favourite pop instrumentals using Envato Elements to help you find the right sound.

Picking music for your project should be enjoyable. Envato Elements allows you to create defined collections you can easily manage, making it a breeze to preview your top choices quickly and efficiently.

bass guitar being playedbass guitar being playedbass guitar being played
Bass player during a show, from Envato Elements.

1. Indie Rock Pop

With handclaps and shimmering keys, this 80’s inspired song is perfect bringing an upbeat quality to your videos.  

2. Sentitmental Indie Pop

This song is carried with jangled anthemic guitars, rolling drums, and synth driven melodies. Sentimental Indie Pop has a sense of inspirational nostalgia.

3. Pop

Pop is a playful jingle with bright melodies and acoustic guitars that will have your toes tapping. Whether you are looking for a warm summer jam to add to your video or slide show, this motivational track lends itself well to positivity.   

4. Future Pop

This is a dynamic electronic track with a modern feel to it. The song is catered to those who enjoy music from top 40’s music bands such as The Chainsmokers. Future Pop is well produced and features a ton of popular trends.

5. Tropical Summer Pop

Give your next project some excitement with Tropical Summer Pop. Catchy riffs and a dynamic melodic production is a sure fire way to add bright energy to your work.

6. Video Creator

Video Creator is an up-tempo corporate track with adventure and exploration in mind. With its familiar chord progression and straight-ahead melody, you’ll likely think you’ve heard this before. It is easy going and lends itself to well to projects with a sense of achievement.

7. Tropical Chill and Beat

This back beat track has an uplifting melody, dance hall rhythms, and a stylish atmospheric layer present throughout. Tropical Chill and Beat screams summer and positive vibes.

8. Fresh Energy Drink

This pop song is made with driving drums, electric guitars and a heavy dose of handclaps. Fresh Energy Drink is dynamic and engaging; keep your projects energy and focus using this encouraging track.

9. Uplifting Energetic Indie Pop

The title really says it all.  A fun and approachable party song that features lush production with energy and bright powerful hooks.

10. Summer Travel

With its deep house roots, Summer Travel is incredibly catchy. Whether you run a travel vlog or you’re looking for a great song to use in a montage, this track has you covered.

Keep Learning

This collection is the tip of the iceberg. Check out the rest of the audio library to hear the rest!

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