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Top 15 Royalty-Free Meditation Music Tracks

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Meditating and being alone with your thoughts is incredibly beneficial. It helps you gain mental clarity, reduces stress levels, increases attention span and helps you become more self-aware.

While you can meditate in silence, having tunes in the background can guide the journey. Moreover, if an audiovisual projects include a meditation segment, including music tracks that aid meditation is a given.

In this post, I've put together the top quality royalty-free meditation music tracks on AudioJungle.

1. Ambient Piano 

Let's start the list with an easy listen. 'Ambient Piano' is calm and low-key, but positive and up-lifting.

2. Meditation 

Press play on this royalty-free meditation music track and instantly feel your breath slowing and muscles relaxing.

3. East Meditation 

This next atmospheric song can help create the perfect environment for you to focus on your inner self.

4. Healing Light Relaxing Meditation 

Listen to this song and be inspired to heal your relationship with yourself and with the world around you. 

5. Emotive Loop 

Meditation music doesn't all have to be ambient-style. 'Emotive Loop' gives an audience energy to meditate.

6. Emotional Ambient 

If your audiovisual projects feature guided meditation, a track such as 'Emotional Ambient' provides the right background for it.

7. Relaxing Piano Loop 

Meditation teaches you to be aware of your breathing and mental processes. A relaxing piano helps you achieve that.

8. Powerful Move Beyond Meditation 

The 'Powerful Move Beyond Meditation' music track engulfs you completely and transports your mind to a calmer state.

9. Ambient Delight 

This meditation song has a more upbeat vibe than the others in this list, which helps keep energy up.

10. In Space 

Similarly, 'In Space' features heavier percussion. This allows you to cultivate different types of relaxation techniques.

11. Emotional Inspiring Piano 

This royalty-free meditation music track can guide you to go down a more positive and uplifting meditative path.

12. Indie Folk 

Not every meditation song needs to sound exactly the same. 'Indie Folk' presents a calm pop alternative to other meditation tracks here. 

13. Sad Film Background 

Bringing up nostalgic feelings in your audience can also help them enter a more zen and reflective state of mind.

14. Ambient Piano 

'Ambient Piano' works well in multimedia projects providing a soft and inspiring tune for meditation.

15. Foreign 

Lastly, there's 'Foreign'. Electronic elements make it the most different track of the bunch, but it may also aid one's contemplation. 


Meditation music becomes a must to create the right ambiance for meditation videos, podcasts, or other related audiovisual projects. 

Go through this post and listen to the best royalty-free meditation music tracks that AudioJungle has on its library. However, if you don't find your perfect match here, continue to search its archives until you do.

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