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15 Best Royalty-Free Children's Music Tracks of 2019

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We all remember the classic nursery rhymes from our childhood. Using children's music evokes positive emotions in people of all ages, not just children. 

If your next audiovisual project needs a playful and fun soundtrack, go through the list below of 15 of the best-selling royalty-free children's music tracks from AudioJungle.

1. Happy Kids

'Happy Kids' is a cheerful music track which contains an upbeat ukulele, bells, live rock drums, and a groovy bassline. 

2. Happy Acoustic Spring

This royalty-free children's music track brings images of Spring and positive feelings. Featuring ukulele, bells, and piano, this track has the perfect sound for commercials, YouTube videos, corporate videos, children’s projects, and more. 

3. The Finger Family

'The Finger Family'  was originally a classic Mother Goose nursery rhyme. This royalty-free song is a sing-along song that works great for children YouTube videos. 

4. Uplifting Acoustic Fun Kids

'Uplifting Acoustic Fun Kids' is a happy and lighthearted track featuring a piano, a childlike guitar, and a celesta. This track is great for any children's video or an advertising video that you want to add a bit of quirkiness to. 

5. Playground Fun

This is a fun and carefree track. You will find acoustic guitars, drums, a whistled melody, and brass in this royalty-free children's music track. This track is ideal for adding a joyful, up-tempo vibe for your next audiovisual project.

6. Marching Band Fun

This fun and cheerful royalty-free children's track features catchy melodies and a fun and unique drum beat. This song will be a great fit for any kids project, funny commercials, or anything that needs a fun and unconventional vibe. 

7. Five Little Monkeys

'Five Little Monkeys' is a fun and cheerful version of the classic nursery rhyme. This royalty-free children's song will work great for any children's video or game. 

Kids PlayingKids PlayingKids Playing

8. Johny Johny Yes Papa

This royalty-free children's track is another popular nursery rhyme that has catchy lyrics and a playful vibe to it. Click the play button on this one.

9. Finger Family Colors

The 'Finger Family Colors' track is a sing-along type tune that is great for explaining the different colors to children. You can use this song in videos, shows, animations, playground & toys presentations, and much more.

10. Funny Kids

While the title of the track is 'Funny Kids,' the song may be used for a range of multimedia projects wanting a summertime and joyful mood. This track starts with a bouncy jingle and builds into a cheerful and carefree ensemble. 

11. Cute Bugs

This royalty-free children's song is a happy and funny “cartoony” type song. The track features a childish melody with woodwinds, trumpet, bells, xylophone, and fun effects.

12. The Wheels on the Bus

This classical childhood rhyme is a must-have for a children's multimedia project. This rhyme is an iconic song that children will absolutely love, so download it now.

13. Colors

Here's another children's song that is used to help children learn their colors. The track is a sing along song that features bells, brass, strings, and a basic drum beat. 

14. A Cheerful World


This royalty-free song has a happy whistling, a guitar melody, and a catchy drum beat. It's not only great for children's multimedia projects but for YouTube videos, commercials, websites and any project that needs a cheery vibe. 

15. Who Rhode My Game


This track features a bouncy bass, electronic drums, and a tropical sounding marimba melody. If you are looking to add a bit of fun and excitement to your next project, choose 'Who Rhode My Game.'


AudioJungle has no shortage of children's tracks for your next multimedia project. The most popular tracks from the royalty-free children's library are listed above. 

Want to learn more about what royalty-free music is and how you should use it? Read our guide to royalty-free music. There's also a companion guide focusing on royalty-free music on YouTube.

If none of these tracks quite fit your needs, you can always search through AudioJungle's comprehensive library and find one that does.

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