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15 Best Royalty-Free Ambient Music Tracks of 2019


Bring a calm and atmospheric sound to your next multimedia project with the most popular ambient tracks of this year. The tracks offer a mix of soothing melodies, ethereal pads, and delicate drum beats. 

Ambient music tracks help bring a laid-back and feel-good vibe to your next audiovisual project. The ambient genre works well for lifestyle, travel, fashion, and advertisement videos.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the 15 best royalty-free ambient music tracks of 2019 that you will find on AudioJungle.

1. Inspiring Ambient

'Inspiring Ambient' is a royalty-free ambient track featuring a piano, synths, and percussion. Use this track in films, television, YouTube videos, and corporate videos.

2. Background Ambient

This beautiful ambient track is a moving and emotional piece for projects that need to convey motivation. A simple but elegant piano melody gives this royalty-free ambient track its main theme. 

3. Ambient Corporate Motivation Background

'Ambient Corporate Motivation Background' is an inspiring atmospheric track that is composed of gentle pianos and warm pads. Use this track in your next multimedia project and it won't disappoint your audience.

4. Ambient Background Corporate

This royalty-free music track mixes in perfectly the different elements that an ambient song should have. Guitars, pianos, soft beats, and a feel-good atmosphere. Use this song in your next corporate project and any project that needs to set a pleasant tone. 

5. Serenity

'Serenity Beautiful Lounge' gives off a calm and relaxed atmosphere. In the track, you will find a lounge-style piano and subtle orchestral instruments that feed into a trip-hop drum groove. Give this unique royalty-free ambient song a listen. 

6. Chilling Mood

'Chilling Mood' contains an electric piano, synthesizers, and acoustic guitars that blend together seamlessly. This song is perfect for YouTube videos, corporate projects, and anything that needs a sense of sophistication and comfort. 

7. Warm Lounge

 'Warm Lounge' is a royalty-free ambient track that is has a heavy house lounge influence. Create a warm atmosphere in your next multimedia project with the classic sound of a Rhodes piano, mysterious bells, and a house beat. 

8. Acoustic Guitar Solo

This track is played by a band consisting of an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and drums. This royalty-free ambient track can find its way into any multimedia project that needs to convey compassion. 

9. Waiting For The Light

Electronic drums, sweet guitar melodies, and ethereal pads make up this royalty-free ambient music track. This will work perfectly in your next corporate multimedia project.

10. Inspiring Piano Ambient

'Inspiring Piano Ambient' is a very uplifting, inspiring song with a steady drum groove that will complement innovative multimedia projects.

11. Corporate Minimal Technology Inspiring Ambient Uplifting Abstract

Start your next audiovisual project off with a bang. This royalty-free ambient track delivers a positive tone and keeps it going through the entire tack. Guitars, pianos, drums, and synths are the instruments found in this song. 

12. Documentary

'Documentary' is an inspiring track with a beautiful piano, industrial-like beats, and cinematic strings. This song will make for excellent background music, intro, or outro track for any project. 

13. Floating In Bliss

'Floating In Bliss' uses synthesizers and electronic drums to create a unique calm energy that is catchy. This royalty-free ambient music track is sure to catch your audience's attention.

14. Pulse 

'Pulse'  is an atmospheric ambient and electronica track that works as a non-intrusive background track for any YouTube video, travel video, and vlogs. 

15. Piano Technology

Last up on the list is an inspiring glitchy ambient electronic track that features a scintillating piano, atmospheric strings, spacey synths, and chunky drums. Add this royalty-free ambient music track to a project to draw in and keep an audience's attention. 


These 15 royalty-free ambient music tracks are just a small selection of the thousands of ambient songs available at AudioJungle

If you did not consider any of these music tracks for your audiovisual project, then there are plenty of other options from you to choose from on AudioJungle.

If you are looking to improve your own music production skills, then check out all the in-depth music and audio tutorials on Envato Tuts.

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