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15 Best Royalty-Free Corporate Music Tracks of 2019


Whether your company is creating a multimedia project to advertise, build up the companies brand, or provide training for employees, the project will need to include music. 

But not just any type of music.

The music used in corporate multimedia projects must inspire and motivate people to take action. 

I've collected 10 of most motivational and inspiring royalty-free corporate music tracks from AudioJungle's library that you can download to add to a project now.

1. Inspiring

This first one on the list is an inspiring song that contains beautiful guitar and piano melodies. This royalty-free track is ideal for a feel-good audiovisual project.

2. Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate

This next track has a similar feel-good vibe as the previous one but has a more uplifting vibe. The song starts with a catchy guitar melody and builds up into an inspiring upbeat chorus. 

3. Upbeat Corporate & Inspiring Uplifting Technology

Add a more serious tone to your next corporate project with this royalty-free corporate music. As the title says, it is also upbeat and inspiring and is the ideal song to present your companies next product release. 

4. Live My Life

'Live My Life' brings a light-hearted and feel-good vibe to any audiovisual project. This summertime tune is a must have if you are looking to bring a smile to the audience. 

5. Clouds

If you are looking for a royalty-free corporate song with a positive vibe, listen to 'Clouds'. 

6. Your Little Planet Corp

If you are looking to convey honesty and sincerity in your next multimedia project then have a listen to 'Your Little Planet Corp.'  The combination of the strumming guitars, the uplifting ukulele melody, and catchy piano melody are sure to strike an emotional chord with your audience. 

7. This is How You Advertise!

The title says it all! If you are looking to add a song that will inspire your customers to take action on your next corporate audiovisual project, then don't miss out on the royalty-free corporate music track, 'This Is How You Advertise!' 

8. Corporate Motivational Inspiring Upbeat & Uplifting

'Corporate Motivational Inspiring Upbeat & Uplifting' gives you a sense of hope and positivity right from the start. This would be a great song to add to any corporate multimedia project. 

9. A Way To The Top

Upon listening to this song, you will feel like you can accomplish anything. Out of all the royalty-free corporate tracks in this list, 'A Way To The Top,' provides the most energy and uplifting vibe.  

10. Successful Business Venture

Next on the list is the carefree royalty-free corporate song, 'Successful Business Venture.' This song is a must-have if you need to add an emotional lift to your next multimedia project. 

11. On Top Of The World

Introduce your next audiovisual project with 'On Top Of The World'. Catchy lyrics, upbeat drums, and strummed guitar chords are what you will find in this royalty-free song for corporate presentations.

12. That Positive Feeling

You can't go wrong with this corporate royalty-free song. 'That Positive Feeling' gives you exactly what the title says. 

13. Upbeat Ukulele

Ukuleles are an excellent way to start of any corporate project you are creating. Set up the audience for a memorable experience with this little tune. 

14. Feel Good Journey

Unlike any other royalty-free tracks on this list, 'Feel Good Journey,' adds a few electronic elements to the mix which blend together nicely with the melodic and heartfelt string and guitar melodies.

15. A Fortunate Day

Last on the list is the royalty-free corporate music track, 'A Fortunate Day.' The song centers around a beautiful grand piano. Immerse the viewer into the blissful and enchanting arpeggiated pianos and give them an audiovisual experience they will remember.  


To create a professional audiovisual project that will connect with your potential customers and clients, you will need to add a high-quality music track to your visuals.

By listening through this list of the best royalty-free corporate music tracks, you'll be able to start your search for the perfect track for your project. 

If you can't seem to find a track that fits your particular needs in the list above, feel free to browse through the thousands of other songs offered on AudioJungle.

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