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15 Best Royalty-Free Country and Western Music Tracks of 2019

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Country and Western music's worldwide appeal makes it the perfect genre to add to an audiovisual project when you wish to give a sense of familiarity or positivity. Country and Western music provides the drama, passion, and warmth that is needed to take any multimedia project to a professional level. 

In this article, I've collated 15 of the best royalty-free country and western music tracks on AudioJungle.

1. Wild West Story

'Wild West Story' contains guitars, whistles, whip hits, and horses neighing. The elements in this track blend together seamlessly making it the ideal cowboy-type song. 

2. Banjo Funk

This catchy royalty-free country and western track is perfect for YouTube videos, advertisements, and commercials. The main theme of the song is played by a banjo that creates an upbeat atmosphere. 

3. Country Rock Groove

'Country Rock Groove' is a modern country-rock song that features guitars, punchy drums, and good ol' fashioned country vibe. Let this royalty-free country and western music track be the background track to your next audiovisual project. 

4. Heroes of the West

'Heroes of the West' will be the perfect companion to any type of creative project that needs that southwestern, Mexican, or Spanish or tribal sound. Add this royalty-free track to the intro or outro of a video.

5. Western Showdown

'Western Showdown' is a classic western theme song. It's a spaghetti western music track that opens with an ominous western intro and transitions to a galloping beat. 

6. Swamp Thang

You'll definitely feel like you're taking a trip down to the swamp after listening to this royalty-free country and western song. Louisiana Cajun music meets Mississippi Delta Blues, in this guitar-driven tune.

7. Country

'Country' has the most playful and fun-loving vibe of all the tracks on this list. You will find a nylon guitar, ukulele, and whistling in this joyful royalty-free song. 

Country  Western MusicCountry  Western MusicCountry  Western Music

8. The Country Bad Boys

If you need to add a little bit of country attitude to your next audiovisual project, check out this track. Kicking butt and taking names is what this song is all about.

9. Drunk Texas

This classic country and western song will fit in with a wide range of multimedia projects. Movies, trailers, advertisements, or any project that needs a bit of that old school country feel.

10. Country Chuck

'Country Chuck' features a Telecaster, slide and acoustic guitar, harmonica, bass, piano, and drums. The happy go lucky vibe that this royalty-free song has will bring positivity and optimism.

11. Western Hero

You can picture yourself in a classic western film with this royalty-free country and western track. This song will be the perfect background song for any project that needs that stereotypical western showdown atmosphere. 

12. Texas Cowboy Rock

Rough and rugged is the theme of this song. Give your next multimedia project an attitude with 'Texas Cowboy Rock.'

13. Bluegrass Boogie

This tune is the ideal track to give your projects that bluegrass vibe. The song includes a catchy rhythm and authentic bluegrass instruments in the style of Alison Krauss and Union Station.

14. Banjo Farm

'Banjo Farm' is a cheerful and happy acoustic bluegrass banjo music track. It contains carefree banjo lines, drums, ukuleles, and a feelgood vibe! This will work well with anything that needs joy and happiness.

15. The Top of the Mountain

Last on my list is 'The Top of the Mountain.' This song has a country-western vibe that is sure to provide a lift to any medium. Press play and you'll be sure to be impressed by this catchy tune. 


These 15 best royalty-free western and country music tracks are just a small sample of the thousands of tracks available on AudioJungle. If any of these 15 tracks don'tt seem to fit in any of your projects, head on over to the country and western section of AudioJungle. 

If you're looking to take a hands-on experience to your musical productions and get involved in the creating and editing process, check out some of the in-depth music and audio tutorials that Envato Tuts+ has to offer.

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