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15 Best Royalty-Free Electronica Music Tracks of 2019

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Electronica's popular appeal makes it the perfect type of music to add to an audiovisual project. 

An Electronic music track adds much-needed depth, excitement, and sophistication to audio-visual projects.

In this article, I've collected 15 of the best royalty-free Electronic music tracks on AudioJungle that you can add to your projects.

1. Smash It Up

I'm starting off this list of royalty-free electronic tracks with a bank. This song contains a mix of heavy hitting drums, funky synths, and a buzzing bassline. 

2. Summer Future Bass Upbeat and Inspiring

If you add this royalty-free electronic song to your project, you'll instantly create a summer-like atmosphere and a feel-good vibe. 

  3. Missing You

This royalty free track instills a sense of power and motivation. This makes it the perfect track to grab an audience's attention in an audiovisual project. 

4. Aggressive Sport Electro

A heavy electronic bassline starts out 'Aggressive Sport Electro' and then quickly transitions into a som

5. Uplifting Summer Sports Pop

Even though this song starts out slow and calm, it builds up into a powerful and inspiring tune little by little, only to return to its original soothing melody by the end of it.

6. Energetic Pumping Electronic Club Track

Bring an attitude to an audiovisual project. This royalty free electronic track features a hard-hitting bassline and a chunky drum beats that is sure to get the audience excited.

7. Sport

To give a next multimedia project that sports stadium atmosphere, give 'Sport' a try. 

8. Energetic Fun Fashion Upbeat Pop

As the title says, this uplifting pop song is not only great for fashion type multimedia projects, but it is perfect for any project you are looking to add a bit of funky electronic vibe to. 

Give 'Energetic Fun Fashion Upbeat Pop' a listen.

9. In That Future Bass

If you're looking for a sophisticated, melodic and upbeat royalty-free electronica music track that draws your audience into your visuals, then definitely consider adding this song to your project.

10. Summer Grooving

For a more laid back electronic vibe listen to 'Summer Grooving'  and let the funky guitars carry you away into the summer sunset.

11. Futuristic Technology and Lounge Ambient Background

If you're looking for an epic and inspiring electronica song, try 'Futuristic Technology & Lounge Ambient Background.' It has emotional pianos, soothing strings, and electronic drums that will deliver on an audiovisual project. 

12. Modern Dance Chart Opening

This royalty-free electronic track is ready to add that hands in the air club atmosphere to your next multimedia project. 

The and four on the floor beat and energetic synths are sure to get the audience up and dancing. 

13. Tree of Life

This hybrid electronica/cinematic song is an absolute winner. By listening to 'Tree of Life,' you will feel that anything is possible to achieve. 

14. On the Way

This royalty-free electronica song starts out with cinematic strings and slowly crescendos into a heavy bass drop that will shake your speakers. This hybrid electronica song adds depth, power, and interest to any medium that it is presented on.

15. Run

If your next project needs that smooth and sophisticated background song, look no further.

Have a listen to the royalty-free electronica track, 'Run' and take your visuals to a new level. 


These 15 royalty-free, Best-Selling Electronica Music Tracks of 2019 represent just a small selection of the thousands of Electronica Music Tracks available at AudioJungle.

If none of these royalty-free tracks seem to fit your needs, then head on over to AudioJungle and browse through their massive library.

If you are looking to improve your own skills in creating or editing your own music, then be sure to check out all the in-depth tutorials on Envato Tuts+ Music & Audio.

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