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20 of the Best Royalty-Free Background Music Tracks

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A podcast, a presentation, an advertisement, a YouTube video, a corporate video. All of these could benefit from soothing background music. It can fill in the silence, add an interesting element and elevate the emotivity in those projects. 

This article guides you through the best royalty-free background music tracks to download from AudioJungle's ever-growing library. 

Press Play on each one to find the perfect background music for any given project.

Woman playing the fluteWoman playing the fluteWoman playing the flute

1. Upbeat Inspiration 

I can imagine this first royalty-free music track playing in the background of a corporate video or an inspirational audiovisual project.

2. Emotional Cinematic Inspiring Piano 

This next track has a nostalgic element. It starts out with a lonely piano and slowly builds up into a beautiful orchestral arrangement. This is an excellent piece of royalty-free instrumental music.

3. Inspiring Children's Choir 

As its name states, a children's choir sings this music track. Their song is uplifting and melancholic in some ways. 

4. Inspiring and Uplifting Cinematic Trailer 

For a royalty-free background music track with a positive vibe, listen to 'Inspiring and Uplifting Cinematic Trailer'. 

5. Cinematic Motivational Trailer Adventure Dramatic 

'Cinematic Motivational Trailer Adventure Dramatic' has a much more intense and exciting sound than the other tracks mentioned here. This would be great a music for a YouTube video.

6. Happy Upbeat Uplifting Energetic Pop Corporate 

This music track has a playful and happy-go-lucky feel and is a perfect piece of inspirational music.

7. Percussive Energetic Upbeat Action & Sports 

Strong percussion. Energetic claps and stomps. This royalty-free background music track is an ideal pair to a sports or action project.

8. Summer Hip-Hop Energetic Upbeat 

This song could easily be the opening track to a podcast or other similar project. It has a relaxed, catchy and upbeat sound. 

9. Party Pop 

Use this music track to have a party in the background of your multimedia projects. It's cheerful, fun and optimistic. If you're looking for royalty-free pop music, this is the one for you.

10. Energetic Upbeat Corporate Piano 

'Energetic Upbeat Corporate Piano' has a mellow but hopeful sound. It can go perfectly with a corporate video or project. An extremely professional piece of royalty-free piano music.

11. Ambient Piano 

Press the Play button on 'Ambient Piano' to listen to a calming and modern song. Use it in meditation videos to soothe your audience.

12. The Times 

'The Times' is a royalty-free background music track that has an R&B groove. It lifts up the mood of any multimedia project.

13. Background Music & Pop Intro 

Even though this is a song that could be played in a club, it's calm enough for it to be a top royalty-free background pop music track.

14. Dubsteps 

This track is intense. It has the power to wake up an audience and get them to their feet. It's modern and energetic. It'll go well as video game action music. 

15. Glitch Madness 

The name 'Glitch Madness' gives you the idea that this is a powerful track. And it is. It's an electronic dance song that packs a lot of punch. 

16. Abstract Inspiring Beats 

This royalty-free music download is smooth and calm, but still has a very happy and upbeat vibe. You could easily talk over it to give speeches a positive boost.

17. Upbeat (Bright Chords) 

You'll feel energetic and carefree when you listen to the beat of this song. As the name states, it has some bright chords in it. An excellent piece of instrumental music.

18. Inspiring Uplifting Rock Intro 

For a more soft rock/electro sound for your multimedia projects, lend an ear to the 'Inspiring Uplifting Rock Intro' royalty-free background music track.

19. Dramatic Trailer 

Dramatic strings start the song to an an epic, grandiose track that's an extremely professional classical and cinematic background track.

20. Dark Matters 

Lastly, give projects a sombre feel with this music track. 'Dark Matters' has a dark mood, dark strings and other dark elements.


Whether you're producing a TV show, a YouTube video, a podcast or another project, using royalty-free background music helps create a professional end product.

Finding the right royalty-free background music tracks is difficult. To make the process easier, listen to the songs in this post. Rememeber, there's hundreds more if you browse AudioJungle for top quality royalty-free music downloads. 

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