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20 Best Royalty-Free Hip-Hop Music Tracks of 2019

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Multimedia projects aren't complete without a compelling song that captivates the audience's attention. 

Whether you're creating a vlog, YouTube video, corporate video, podcast, or advertisement, hip-hop music provides this much needed interest and excitement to a project. 

In this article, I've collated 20 of the best selling royalty-free hip-hop tracks from AudioJungle for you to preview and download below.

1. Vlog Background

To start the list I've included a royalty-free hip-hop song that's sure to set the stage for your next audiovisual project. Press the play button and let the music take over.

2. Lounge Dreamy Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

This song helps put an audience into a state of bliss. Mellow beats, a groovy bass-line, and melancholic electric guitars make this a crowd-pleasing song.  

3. Atmospheric Rap

The title says it all. This royalty free Hip-Hop track is sure to capture the audience's attention. If you're looking for a more minimal hip-hop beat, this song is a must-have. 

4. Hip-Hop Travel Vlog

Whether you need a royalty free hip-hop beat for your Vlog or any multimedia media project, this song delivers. Dive into this groovy feel-good tune!

5. Lounge Hip-Hop

Bring a relaxing and laidback vibe to your next project with this royalty-free song. 

6. That Hip Hop

For a carefree, royalty-free hip-hop track that sets a friendly and engaging atmosphere, try 'That Hip Hop.' 

7. Summer Chill Hip-Hop Piano

Add a bit of soul and funk to your next audiovisual project with the 'Summer Chill hip-hop Piano' royalty-free track. 

8. To Hip-Hop

As soon as you press the play button, you're thrown right into a melodic vocal sound and a groovy beat. If you're looking for a song to make a statement, this track is for you.

9. The Rap

Add that edge and attitude to your next multimedia project with this hip-hop and trap hybrid song. This royalty free hip-hop song is great for adding energy and excitement.

10. Lo-Fi

This royalty free lo-fi hip-hop song contains a melancholic piano progression, a foley rich drum line, and an emotional top lead. This fits into any project that needs to convey strong emotion.

11. Abstract Hip-Hop Chill

The song starts off with a swelling key sound and transitions into a punchy and energizing drum line with beautiful vocals and lead synths. This royalty-free track definitely adds a sense of positivity to your next audiovisual project. 

12. In Hip-Hop

'In Hip-Hop'  is a classic uplifting hip-hop song that would be an ideal background track for your next project. 

13. Urban Hip-Hop

'Urban Hip-Hop' makes you feel like you are starring in the next big action film. Add this song to your next multimedia project and introduce your project with a bang.

14. Be Hip Hop

This song is great for introducing an old school hip-hop vibe to any multimedia plan you're working on.

15. Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Chill

Give your next audiovisual project that summer nights atmosphere with 'Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Chill.' Chunky beats, beach-like guitar melodies, and soothing saxophones are what you will find in this royalty-free lo-fi hip hop song. 

16. Hip-Hop Soul

The title doesn't lie! Add a soulful and uplifting mood with this royalty free hip-hop beat. 

17. This Trap is On

Get the party started with this best selling hip-hop and trap royalty-free song. Big beats, sub shaking 808's, and trap like vocal chants are what you will find in this song. 

18. Luxury Hip-Hop

Add a bit of class and sophistication to any upcoming multimedia project with 'Luxury Hip-Hop.' 

 19. Soft Trap

Listening to the soothing melodies and quick beat work in 'Soft Trap,' gives you the confidence to add this song to a new project.

20. Trap for Trap

This ethnic hip-hop and trap royalty-free track is ideal for adding a boost in energy to your projects. This song works especially well if the project needs a club type atmosphere. 


The 20 royalty-free hip-hop songs included in this article only make up a small number of the thousands of music tracks available at AudioJungle.

If you listened to the above tracks and couldn't find what you were looking for, be sure to browse through Audio Jungle's library to find the right song for your project.

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