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30 of the Best Audio Logos and Musical Idents

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Audio logos and musical idents are short pieces of music that are often used with voice-overs, sound effects or on their own to brand a particular product, service, radio, television, video or podcast show.

In this tutorial, I'll show you 30 of the best audio logos and musical idents to be found at AudioJungle. So whether you’re looking for a theme that is great for a commercial, health, lifestyle or creative project, you’re bound to find something that appeals to you in one of the categories below.


Audio logos and musical idents are heavily used by corporations in a range of applications, from intros to jingles and everything in-between, to create a distinct brand that audiences will recognise immediately. Here are among the five best logos and idents to be found at AudioJungle in this category.


1. Elegant Corporate Logo

Elegant Corporate Logo is an understated logo track featuring soft synths and a whoosh effect in the middle.

2. Elegant Logo

Elegant Logo is a quiet and classic opening logo that’s suitable for a wide range of business videos and multimedia productions.

3. Corporate Logo

A clean and modern sound, Corporate Logo will work well with any high-quality productions.

4. Glitchy Digital Crystal Logo #07

Glitch Digital Crystal has quite a futuristic sound that suggests a business on the cutting edge of progress.

5. Elegant Corporate Logo 2

A beautiful audio logo track, Elegant Corporate Logo 2 is a great choice for representing your company in any project.


Inspiration sells. And for that reason, audio logos and idents that bring an air of inspiration to your multimedia projects are always a good choice. These five tracks are perfect for adding a bit of feel-good motivation to your multimedia enterprises.


6. Floating Particles Logo

Floating Particles Logo combines downtempo electronic grooves and ambient melodies to create an otherworldly sound that makes you feel as if you’re floating among the stars.

7. This Is Opening Logo

Sometimes it’s good to keep things short and sweet. This Is Opening Logo does exact that with this great pithy piece.

8. Atmospheric Logo

Atmospheric Logo offers three tracks that all have a dream-like, otherworldly quality that will bring a sense of limitless possibilities to your multimedia project.

9. Particles Logo

Another pithy piece, Particles Logo is an short, elegant track that will be a great addition to your videos, apps, podcasts or other projects.

10. Minimal Ambient Logo

Minimal Ambient Logo uses piano, synths and percussions to create a beautifully optimistic logo tack.


The logos and idents in this category are great for multimedia projects that deal with extreme sports, action and adventure, but they may also be used to bring a dramatic flair to any project.


11. Epic Industrial Logo Intro

Epic Industrial Logo Intro uses an electronic sound with cool beats that will infuse any project with a bit of excitement.

12. Cinematic Stomp Logo

Cinematic Stomp Logo is all about percussions that will complement projects dealing with high-octane sports or action adventure.

13. Epic Heroic Ident

With hard-hitting percussions, theatrical orchestra and cinematic sound design, Epic Heroic is a great ident for heightening the sense of tension and anticipation in your multimedia project.

14. Dubstep Logo Intro

Dubstep Logo features great melodies and heavy drums and should work well for video openers, transitions, stingers and idents.

15. Stomp and Claps Logo

Stomps and Claps Logo is one of the most popular audio logos at AudioJungle. The wonderful drums with claps, wood and metal percussion make a great accompaniment for an action trailer, intro, teaser, etc.


Some multimedia projects, such as those dealing with technology, gaming or even some types of news productions, would benefit from the logos and idents in this category, with their futuristic and sometimes disruptive sounds. 

Check them out to see if they’d be a good fit for your project. 


16. The Glitch Logo

Glitch Logo uses the sounds of digital noise, technology beep, distortion interference, glitches and drop bass to create a great logo for intros, transitions, stingers or outros.

17.  Energy Glitch Logo

Energy Glitch provides three short logos which feature the sound of power overloaded, electric charge, digital noise, distortion interference, glitches, etc.

18. Hi-Tech Ident

Hi-tech intersperses music with percussions and technological beeps to create a modern sound for your video ident or logo.

19. Future Intro

Ideal for projects dealing with technology, Future Intro uses electronic sounds and sound effects to create a futuristic sound.

20. Abstraction Minimal Logo

Probably the tamest of the tracks in this category, Abstraction Minimal is also has the widest application of all the tracks here and would work well for projects as wide-ranging as fashion and nature.


These audio logos and idents are all about the light touch and are quite multipurpose, so they will work well for a variety of projects.


21. Minimal Logo

With its light, breezy sound, Minimal Logo is a great track for openers, intros or transitions.

22. Bright Logo

Bright Logo is a clean, simple, positive logo opener featuring piano and synth pads.

23. Classic Logo 03

A short and pretty logo, Classic Logo 03 uses bells to create a light, fresh sound.

24.  Elegant Logo

Elegant Logo features piano and percussions, creating a completely clean, modern sound. 

25. Elegant Logo 2

Elegant Logo 2 probably has the prettiest sound of the five listed here. Like the others, it delivers a clean and fresh sound that can fit into a wide range of projects.


These logos definitely have a funky, cool edge to them and will fit well with a wide range of artistic brands and companies.


26. Smooth Elegant Logo 1

Smooth Elegant Logo incorporates the sound of running water, bells and synths to create a magical sound.

27. Minimal Logo

This is a short and smooth crystal-sounding logo. Perfect for logo reveals and other visuals.

28.   Hi-Tech Logo

Hi-Tech is another audio logo that incorporates water with other sounds with results in a fresh, lively sound.

29. Vintage Funk Logo Intro 2

Heavy on the funk,Vintage Funk Logo is great for brands who want to accentuate the coolness factor.

30. Fun Indie Rock Logo

To put it quite simply, Fun Indie Rock lives up to its name.


These 30 fabulous audio logos and musical idents are just a small selection of the thousands available at AudioJungle, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

And if you want to improve your skills building music tracks yourself, then check out some of the ever-so-useful music and audio tutorials on offer.

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