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Best Royalty-Free Music for YouTube

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YouTube is an amazing platform for creative people who want to share and reach millions of people with their content. And since YouTube videos are audiovisual projects with great images, you'll need awesome music too.

This can be tricky, however, as you can't use copyright music without permission. Doing so can get a video muted, demonetised or removed. 

The solution is to opt for royalty-free music that gives videos that extra oomph they need without you getting into trouble for using it. 

To help you out, this post provides royalty-free music examples available on AudioJungle for the most popular video categories on YouTube: vlogs, gaming, beauty/fashion and so on.


The world has places worth visiting. Though not all of us can travel all of the time, through travel vlogs and videos you get to see the world and find the best places to visit and things to do at any destination. 

A musical background is a great way to complete the journey.

Summer Hip-Hop Energetic Upbeat




To this day, the reigning channel on YouTube is that of PewDiePie. It has held the title of the channel with the most subscribers since 2013. This gives you an idea of just how big gaming is. 

To add a bit more of depth to any review or play-through video, add royalty-free music that goes well with the theme.

Epic Trailer Trilogy

Epic In-Game Music


Beauty and Fashion

The beauty and fashion community is one of the strongest on YouTube, capturing billions of eyes with videos about fashion trends, makeup tutorials and reviews and outfits of the day, among others. 

The music that you use for them needs to be as modern and cool as the content.

Background Music & Pop Intro

Funky Fashion Night

Summer Indie Dance


Everybody needs a little laugh now and then, and through the comedy channels on YouTube, you can find hysterically funny sketch videos, challenges, pranks, stand-up and some randomness. 
Even though your laugh may fill up the lull in sound during the videos, they still need some tunes to accompany all of the hilarity. 

Beat Black Box

Sneaky Comedy

Old Time Memories

Health and Fitness

The health and fitness area of YouTube is inspirational for life improvement. There's recipes, workouts, tips and tricks, amongst a ton more of valuable information. 
While cooking the perfectly-balanced meal, or you're strengthening your core, you need background music to help you out.

Road Star

Motivational Music

Sport Rock


For some reason, being the spectator to someone else's life can be incredibly appealing. Moreso than that, after some time you may end up feeling like you know the people you watch personally. 
This connection can be strengthened with the music used for videos.

World Goes 'Round


Hip-Hop This


Tech videos are also huge on YouTube. Unboxing videos, reviews of upcoming gadgets, news about the tech world, tutorials and relevant content for this age of ever-changing technological advances. 

A modern, upbeat tune works best to complement this type of video.

Glitch Madness

Future Bass Modern YouTube Promo Presentation

Digital Formations


Adding music to a YouTube video can take your content to the next level. You need to ensure, however, that the audio you use is royalty-free so you don't run into problems. Not only that, you require high-quality tunes that complements the visuals.

If you didn't find anything that met your needs completely in this list, you can search through AudioJungle's extensive library until you get the tune to match your content. Or try downloading some of the free stock music at Mixkit, a new site dedicated to bringing you free music tracks to use in your video projects.

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