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Guitar Arpeggios: Playing Over Chord Changes 2


It's useful to know all the possible shapes you can use to play an arpeggio, so you can start using them when soloing. In this tutorial I'll teach you five different ways to play major and minor arpeggios that will cover up the entire neck. I'll also show you how to develop the skill of playing arpeggios over chord changes. 


  • Major triad arpeggio all over the neck (0:44)
  • Minor triad arpeggio all over the neck (3:02)
  • Connecting arpeggio shapes (5:06)
  • Non-stop 8th notes over chord changes (7:40)

Supplementary Material

Here are PDFs containing charts of each arpeggio shape we use in this tutorial:

And here's the notation for three different exercises connecting arpeggio shapes on the neck: 

Finally, here are two backing tracks with the same progression used in the video—one rock and the other in a softer style:

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