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20 Happy and Upbeat Royalty-Free Music Tracks

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Music influences mood tremendously. To the point that when you hear a happy, upbeat song you start smiling and dancing to it. 

If you want an audience to experience that rush of energy when experiencing your audiovisual projects, adding a good beat to them helps achieve that.

To add cheerful vibes that'll put an audience in good spirits, I've put together a list of the top rated joyful royalty-free tracks available on AudioJungle.

1. Upbeat Inspiration

Motivational, catchy and easygoing. This is the perfect track for corporate videos, commercials, presentations or other multimedia projects. 

2. Summer Future Bass Upbeat & Inspiring

Even as we're heading into winter, a bright, summery tune lets the sunshine in. Check out this track to keep your projects fresh. 

3. Power of Darkness

While the name doesn't evoke a particularly cheery vibe, this piece is still powerful and upbeat enough to deliver the cinematic energy you need.

4. Upbeat Indie Folk

If a project requires a more acoustic, indie, feel-good royalty-free track, this is for you. It's sure to inspire and uplift listeners, so take advantage of this.

5. Old Time Memories

Nostalgia can be a very powerful emotion. To evoke happy memories on those who listen to your projects, break out this ukulele and piano royalty-free song.

6. Inspiring and Uplifting Cinematic Trailer

To put a more playful, theatrical and triumphant spin to a video, movie, reel, advert or other, opt for this 'Inspiring and Uplifting Cinematic Trailer'. 

7. Uplifting Summer Sports Pop

And since summer is the ultimate happy and upbeat season, inject a ton of energy to sports videos with this summery pop royalty-free music track.

8. True Fun Maker

The 'True Fun Maker' is exactly that: a funky, energetic, enjoyable tune. It's ideal for any project that requires that groovy ambiance.

9. Happy Upbeat Uplifting Energetic Pop Corporate

To give multimedia a more light-hearted quality, take a chance on 'Happy Upbeat Uplifting Energetic Pop Corporate'. 

10. These Are the Best Days

You'll truly believe that 'these are the best days' after listening to this royalty-free music track. You can have it with or without the rap, depending on your needs and preferences. 

11. Powermatic Rock Trailer

For a more rock-and-roll vibe, hit 'play' on this tune. It has a mixture of powerful guitars, modern drums and exciting sound effects.

12. Summer Hip-Hop Energetic Upbeat

And since I included a rock song as the previous track, this one takes it to the streets. It's an urban, upbeat, hip-hop summer song.

13. Party Pop

This royalty-free music track will get your listeners hyped with its hi temp pop sound. This makes it the best one for a party scene in a movie or advertisement.

14. Energetic Upbeat Corporate Piano

You'll feel eager and ready to get up and take on the day with this motivational, inspiring corporate piano song.

15. Percussive Energetic Upbeat Action & Sports

And keeping with the energetic theme, get some percussions, stomps, claps and upbeat drums to get your audience pumped up and hyped. 

16. Happy Acoustic Folk Loop

For a carefree royalty-free music track that's easy, but has elements of nostalgia to it, go for this 'Happy Acoustic Folk Loop'.

17. The Whistle

Whistle along with this royalty-free music track. A cheerful ukulele and compelling claps help 'The Whistle' achieve a happy-go-lucky vibe. 

18. Upbeat (Bright Chords)

Number 18 on the list starts with a very calm guitar, only to add on a bunch of upbeat instruments. Take a listen to find out if this tune suits your needs.

19. Corporate Inspiring and Uplifting Upbeat Motivational Pack

This song is the perfect one to introduce vitality and convey power in any multimedia plan you're working on (like an ad or corporate video). 

20. Energy Rock Sport

Finally, I dare you to keep yourself from tapping your foot to this energetic rock song. Distorted guitars and exciting drums bring this upbeat royalty-free music list to a close!


If you're aching for an upbeat, happy song for your audiovisual projects, go on a listening spree through the royalty-free music tracks in this list. 

If you don't find the perfect match here continue looking through AudioJungle's immense library. You're sure to come across 'the one' there.

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