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How to Create a Song Sheet in Logic's Score Editor

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This post is part of a series called Creative Session: All About Music Notation.
Keeping Score: A Beginner’s Guide to Notating Music - Basix

Logic Pro has some very advanced tools when it comes to scoring. In this tutorial I'm going to show you the basics of getting started with the Score Editor by building a basic song sheet. Don't worry, you don't even need to be able to read music!

About This Tutorial

Knowing how to get your music onto paper is a really useful skill to have. The fact is that a lot of people who produce music on a computer may not actually have any knowledge of written music or musical theory. In most cases this isn't even relevant, some of the greatest musicians and songwriters have no formal training and it never stopped them!

There might however come a time when you may want to hire a live musician for a session (and I don't mean getting your sister's boyfriend to come in and jam over your track on harmonica!). I mean something like a string quartet or a sax player. Players that come from strict musical backgrounds are used to reading notes from a page, and if you have specific parts you'll have to notate them - which will save you time and money!

Whatever DAW you use, be it Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer or Pro Tools 8, it's a good idea to at least know how to print out a prerecorded MIDI part in notation format.

If you own Logic Pro and have never done this then this tutorial should give you a start on how to format and print some 'dots'!

It's a bit of a monster coming in at nearly an hour of training in four parts! And it's free! There's also a bonus movie on the basics of guitar tab in Logic too!

Part 1 - Introduction and Basic Overview

This first part deals with a basic overview of the score editor and shows you where to find the tools you'll need to get the job done.

Part 2 - Basic Formatting

This second part deals with page formatting. Using 'Page View' you'll learn about margins and the general formatting options available to make your page layout nice and readable.

Part 3 - Clefs and Key/Time Signatures

This third part deals with using the right clef and key signature for your score. This topic is useful for anyone wanting to score something out as it covers some basic principles of proper staff formatting. This will apply to any DAW.

Part 4 - Adding Text Objects

This final part deals with adding text information to the page. It also covers how to format text using user defined styles. We'll also add some chord markings using Global Tracks and some chord boxes using the Chord Grid Library.

Bonus - Guitar Tab in Logic!

I couldn't resist it! Here's a bonus video on what Logic can do with guitar tab. Pedal steel tab anyone!!!

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