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How to Create Breakdowns

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Read Time: 2 mins

When it comes to creating a breakdown in your project there are literally endless possibilities, so there really is no definitive method here. My first screencast tutorial demonstrates one way that this hurdle can be approached and hopefully demonstrates some useful techniques using automation, effects and editing.

This tutorial continues constructing the house track that some of my other tutorials have used. Although I say in the first two parts there will be 4 or 5 videos the last one ran to 15 minutes so there are 3 in total. As this is my first screencast I'm more than open to suggestions on making future attempts clearer and easier to follow!

Step 1 - Introduction

This first video simply introduces the screencast and talks a little bit about the track so far and the elements involved. I also explain what we are aiming for and how we'll go about doing it.

As you can see this whole tutorial is completed in Logic and uses only Logic plug-ins so Logic users can load it. Obviously this will alienate some people but I had to choose one DAW and the methods used can be applied to any software so this shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

Step 2 - Preparing for the Breakdown

This second video describes the methods I used to prepare the piece for the breakdown. It covers using effects sends, filters and automation to create anticipation so that the listener is ready for the change in mood.

This section also shows how using reverb and delay tails can be the first building blocks for an ambient break down.

Step 3 - Constructing the Breakdown

This final section shows you every single element I used to construct the entire breakdown. I run through each part in detail explaining how it has been created, mixed and blended.

This section is pretty long and covers many subjects including MIDI, mixing, effects and automation. Hopefully this will help equip you to create your own breakdowns and lend some inspiration.

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