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How to Create Build Ups and Impact

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This tutorial continues with the track we have been on over the last few months. The last section was on creating a breakdown and you check it out here if you missed it and want to catch up.

Now our breakdown is complete its time to start thinking about where we go next. As this is a dance track, we want to come out of the breakdown on an energetic high and plenty of impact when our drum track is reintroduced.

This tutorial shows you some methods for creating the build up needed, and ensuring the reintroduction has enough impact without being to loud. I am now using Logic Pro 9 for these tutorials but they will open successfully in Logic Pro 8. Simply click through the warning pop ups and everything should play back correctly.

Screencast - How to Create Build Ups and Impact After Your Breakdown

This is a one part video, and is quite long due to the amount of detail involved. I show each new element that has been added and revisit automation technique and also demonstrate one method for creating a rising build up effect.

There is also information on adding new percussion parts that add pace after the breakdown has finished and some techniques on how to make these sit correctly in the mix.

The next part of this series will see instruments being reintroduced as the arrangement develops, and a few different ways in which this can be achieved.

Download the Play Pack for this tutorial (21.4 MB)


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