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Novation Launchpad MIDI Feedback Part 1: Simple Clip Feedback and Devices

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Today we'll begin a series of quick tips about Novation Launchpad "MIDI feedback". I decided to write on this topic, because I haven't found anything useful about creating complex feedback features in Launchpad, just simple feedback like you could see in the Launchpad promo. This first tip will explain you how to make a simple "feedback" patch, and in the next tips we'll cover more interesting material. So, let's begin.

Step 1

First you need to create a MIDI clip.

Step 2

Draw a line of 16th notes.

Step 3

Then you need to choose Launchpad in the "MIDI to" section.

Step 4

After that press play, and switch your Launchpad to "User 1" mode. You will be able to see that line of 16th notes is now blinking on your Launchpad.

Step 5

The first device we are interested in is "note length".

Step 6

It is a good idea to switch it in "sync" mode.

There are two parameters which we are interested in - "Note length" and "Gate".

  • "Note length", as you can guess, is the parameter that sets the length of notes regardless of the length of notes in our MIDI clip. But in our case, this option will be responsible for the duration of the blinks on our LP. And actually you can't make the length of the line of 16th notes more than 16th because the LED will brighten every time a note is triggered.
  • "Gate" allow us to do more fine adjustment of above length in percentage. In our case it allows us to fine LED blinks length.

Step 7

The next device in which we are interested is "Velocity".

Step 8

This device allows us to change the color of our blinking feedback. The best way to start using it is to switch it into fixed mode, which allows us to change color of LEDs by moving one knob.

For example, if you switch your velocity to 67, your LED will become red. You can also adjust your velocity just in your MIDI clip, but for me, using velocity is much simpler.

Oh, and of course you can play a little bit with parameter named "random" which will allow you to make your LED's go a little bit mad.

Step 9

The last useful device for us is "pitch", which allows us to put our LED feedback at place where we need it to be without touching the notes in our clip. Or you can simply move your notes in your MIDI clip.

This quick tip is a simple beginning. I hope you enjoyed it. From here we'll start to cover some more complex and interesting stuff.

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