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Quick Tip: Adding Samples to Shortcircuit

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Nowadays, there are a lot of great VST-instruments that you can buy to support your work with your choosen DAW. But can everyone afford those VST-instruments? In this quick tip, I'll briefly show you how to add samples to Shortcircuit - either your own samples or downloaded free samples - all for free!

What is Shorcircuit? Shortcircuit is a VST-instrument from Vember Audio. It can be used on DAWs that are capable of hosting VST-instruments.

Shortcircuit is not like other VST-instruments. It doesn't come with a sample library, and won't be automatically mapped to your MIDI controller.

But it does have some strong points in its favor. First of all, it's free to download from Vember Audio. Secondly, you can create your own samples with it, or download free sample from other people's libraries. There are a lot of people who upload their samples for free.

Shortcircuit also have some weak points. It's not as simple as other VSTi's. It takes time to create instruments. And it doesn't have all the features of other virtual instruments. For example, unlike other drum VSTi's, it doesn't come with an overhead, ambience, etc. Shortcircuit is just a sample player.

Now we'll guide you step by step instruction on how you can add your samples to Shortcircuit.

Create a New Group

First of all you need to understand multi, zone, and group.

  • Multi - A multi is the top level of the shortcircuit hierarchy. Only one multi is active at any time. When shortcircuit is used with a suitable host, the multi is automatically saved with the project.
  • Zone - The primary data storage unit in shortcircuit is the zone. The zone contains a reference to a sample as well as all the parameters used when playing back the sample. When you load samples into shortcircuit a zone will automatically be created. The process is transparent to the user, so it will seem like you're editing parameters for the sample directly. Zones can be placed both in groups and directly underneath the multi in the hierarchy.

    Note: The sample waveform data is never stored by shortcirtcuit, only referenced. In order to make sure session recall works as expected, never load samples directly from removable media. Copy the samples to a permanent location on your local harddrive first.

  • Group - The primary usage for sample groups are as a container for sample zones. Groups allow you to manage multiple zones that are related to each other as a single entity. This allows you to change parameters, apply modulation and effects on a multi-sampled instrument.

You can add your samples to multi or group, but I prefer to add samples to a group because it makes easier to manage. You can add multiple groups but not multi. In case you want to load your samples from group A and group B that already sorted, you can do it.

Now we create a group by right-clicking on the list bar and choosing "new group".

Load a Sample

There are two techniques for adding samples:

First you can load your samples by selecting the desired multi or group for the samples and then click the "load" button. Locate your sample, select it, and click "Open". Or you can drag it from your Windows Explorer to the List bar.

The samples will be automatically add to C1 on key note, if you add more sample, the next samples will be added to the next key on D1.

Secondly, if you create a good sample, you can add more layers to it. You can add more detail based on velocity parameter.

Open your samples in your Windows Explorer, and select the samples you want to add to Shortcircuit. You can add more layers to one key.

For example, if you want to add two bass samples to make some layera, select the samples in Windows Explorer and drag it to the desired key note in Shortcircuit. The samples will stack on one another sorted by name.

Now you can add more sample to the key note in Shortcircuit by using two techniques above. Happy sampling!

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