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Quick Tip: Creating A Simple House Beat In FL-Studio - Basix

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Today we'll be creating a simple beat using FL-Studio. This should help you get started with this amazing software. I'll show you how to compose a beat, use effects, create transitions and more.

Step 1

First set the tempo to 130BPM. Now, lets import our first sample. Go to "Packs-Dance-DCN_Kick_2" and import the sample. Click on it with the right mouse button and select "Fill each 4-steps". This is what you should get:

Now we'll fill up our pattern to make it a drum loop. Now import these samples "Packs-Dance-DNC_Clap_5", "Packs-Vintage-VT-MC", "Packs-Vintage-VT-MA", and fill them up as shown in the picture below:

This is what you should get:

Step 2

Go to the highlighted area (the pointing down arrow) and click "Smart Find" or just "Find". Then type in the box "Mute Bass" and import it. And thats how you can easily find files in FL-Studio.

Step 3

Go the a second pattern, make it eight beats per bar and open the piano roll for the "Mute Bass". Fill it up as shown in the picture:

It should sound like this:

Make a third pattern, 8 beats per bar, and fill it up as shown in the picture (again for the Mute Bass).

Step 4

Go to the playlist and set the first, second and third patterns as shown in the picture:

Now we have put together the drum loop and the rest.

It should sound like this:

Step 5

Now we are going to create an "Automation Clip" for the "Mute Bass", so we could gently raise the volume of the second pattern in time. Put the Automation Clip and adjust it as shown in the picture:

Step 6

Insert a Crash, you can find one in "Packs - Dance" and put it as shown in the picture, reverse it and set the FX switch to 6 for example. Then go to "Mixer-Insert 6" and put a "Fruity Reverb2".

Before the reverb effect:

After the reverb effect:

Now feel free to put this transition wherever you like.

Additional Tip

This tip is super basic. This is where you can adjust your tempo and switch between patterns:

Enjoy! :)

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