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Quick Tip: Effectrix, the Most Useful Effects Tool for EDM

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There is a 2008 tutorial about Effectrix by Mo Volans. After I read it, I didn’t like it all. (I mean the device not the tut.) But after Armin Van Buuren mentioned it on his State of Trance radio show I realized that it can be a good tool. So I just tried it for fun. This tutorial is based on my personal experience.

Step 1. Create a Sequence

First of all create a MIDI track or an audio track. Write a pad-based melody. It is best if it's not too complex. Nowadays melody tracks aren’t too complicated, but the technique beneath the synth’s notes is incredible.

I used a Sylenth to create a dirty saw which is very popular among the producers. I hear it a lot on other artists' tracks.

Here how are sounds so far. Not bad, but not the best!

Step 2. Let's Sidechain It!

I used a SC kick to sidechain the main signal. Many people make a mistake when they select the sidechain sample. It is crucial to make the right choice.

The best advice here is to lower the kick's sustain level greatly. After that, EQ the kick a little bit as I did it in this example. Try out different side chain adjustments by the compressor parameters. It's important to experiment.

Now you can hear the SC sequence.

Step 3. Let’s Make A Mess with Effectrix!

Effectrix has several effects at your disposal. I found the phaser, the chorus, the stutter, the tone delay and the reverb the most suitable for my style. The other tools are really great, but I wouldn’t like to use too many of them because sometimes less is more.

I used a 1/16 grid inside the Effectrix because in my opinion this is the most detailed grid.


The chorus effect usually makes the instrument wider in the stereo field. But if you turn the feedback high enough it can create a weird modulation.

I used this technique for this tutorial. One of the most important things is the dry/wet parameter. It can’t be too high otherwise the effect will destroy our sequence.


The phaser is a filter modulation device. It uses a series of all-pass filters to create a phase shift in the frequency spectrum of a sound. I found it that a phaser can support the chorus really well.

In our case the phaser acts like a bridge which connects the chorus and the stutter.


Stutter is a gate effect which silences the the sequence time to time to create a trance gate effect. On the device control section you can find a pattern creator for the Stutter.

I created my own pattern but you can make your own. You can use the modulator track to automate certain things in this case I suggest automating the mix control.

Final Effects

The last two effects are the reverb and tonal delay. Tonal delay creates some messiness and some dirt. The reverb only serves as a spacer. It gives some room and breath maybe a bit of shine.

Listen the final example here:

Feel free to post your own experience about this product in the comments below. I think it is one of the best tool now days. Most of the EDM producers use it - just listen their songs! Happy music making!

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