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Quick Tip: Generate a Unique Kick with BazzISM2

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I previously wrote two tutorials about how to make unique kicks. I recently discovered an easier way to make them—VSTi kick generators. I tried many of them, and BazzISM2 is the most useful and flexible option I found.

In my previous tutorials I talked about sample-based kicks. With this method you create unique kicks by combining many samples, but the level of cusomization is quite limited. You can solve this problem by using a VSTi kick generator like the BazzISM2.

Step 1. Understanding the Parameters

There are numerous parameters in the BAZZISM2.

  • fStart: With this knob you can change the initial transient of the kick. If you push hard to the right you can hear how you get a knocking type of kick. If you push to the left you can see a drop in the low frequency bands, and you get a soft kind of kick. In this band you can barely hear the transient.
  • tSweep: This controls the kick's harmonics content. Sliding to the right, the harmonics are multiplied several times. On the other hand, when you slide to the left corner the harmonics are barely repeated. So if you pull the slider to the right corner the kick become stronger, and if you pull it to the left side it turns into a deep house-style of kick.
  • vSweep: vSweep is a kind of pitch bend effect. If you pull to the left, the transient becomes more and more dense. If you would like to make a 2000 trance kick, then you must pull the vSweep trigger all the way to the left.
  • fEnd: fEnd is similar to tSweep. The only difference is that it only controls the length of the end harmonics. This control gives you more control over the late harmonics.
  • tEnd: tEnd defines your kick length. Pull to the right and the kick becomes longer and longer. It is quite useful when you would like to make a long hard-style kick.
  • tDecay: This controls the decay of your kick. You can normally change the kick decay in any sampler, but here you can do everything in once place.

One of the best things about BazzISM2 is that you can hear the changes to the kick in real time. When you adjust each parameter, you can immediately see how it affects the sound. If you practice enough, you'll be able to tell which kick will be the best for your production just by looking at the controls.

Step 2. Customize with Envelopes


There is an envelope section in the VSTi as well. You can use it to change the behavior of the harmonics dramatically. You can change each harmonic volume in order to make your kick extremely unique.


BazzISM is a great way to achieve a unique kick sound. Even better, combine it in your mix with the kick sounds created with my previous tutorials. I tried it myself, and was very pleased with the result.

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