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Quick Tip: How to Make Beats With Logic Pro's Built-in Drums Samples

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Logic Pro comes with a lot of drums samples to create advanced beats. Not only are there drum kits, but also individual kick and snare sounds that are used in EXS24.

By layering different drum parts that come with Logic Pro, you can make basic to advanced beats. By making each drum part on it's own track, you can easily create the drum structure for a song. All you need is Logic Pro (you can use this same technique in other DAWs or plugins) and a little creativity.

Step 1: Make a New Track With EXS24

First, create a new virtual instrument track using EXS24, which is a sampler that comes with Logic Pro. EXS24 is required to read the sample files that are included in Logic Pro.

The samples we will be using are all included with Logic, but you may need to install the Logic Pro & Mainstage additional content or the Remix Tools Jampack (all included with Logic).

Step 2: Open a Kick Drum Sample in EXS24

Open the EXS24 plugin, and the library on the right will show the EXS24 content installed. Go to 03 Drums & Percussion.

I used 03 Single Drums > 01 Kicks > Electronic Kicks > Electronic Kick C1 1

Step 3: Record a MIDI File on the Kick Drum Track

Record a MIDI file for the kick part of the drum beat. You can always mix it up a bit or change it completely for different parts of the song.

Step 4: Make a New Track for the Snare Drum

Create a new track for the snare drum part of your beat. For this, I used 03 Single Drums > 02 Snares > Electronic Snares > Electronic Snare D1 4

Step 5: Record a MIDI File on the Snare Track

Record the snare's part of your beat on the snare track. The piano role is very handy when using
the pencil tool to make a beat. You can use the piano roll like a drum sequencer.

Step 6: Make More Drum Part Tracks

You can keep adding to your beat by using the different individual drum part samples and drum kits included with Logic Pro.


With so many drum samples included with Logic Pro, you can make elaborate beats very easily. It's very simple to create cool snare fills or add elements to the beat as the song progresses.

Here's the short and simple beat I created:

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