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Quick Tip: Using Logic Pro's 'Bounce in Place' Feature

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It's highly likely that most of you are aware of your DAW's bounce, export and render functions and it's also likely that a lot of you use them on a regular basis. The benefits of bouncing your audio are substantial, saving CPU overhead, reducing latency and simplifying mixes are just some of them.

Although Logic's bouncing features are extensive, using the 'bounce in place' function can streamline your workflow and clean up the entire process. Let's take a quick look.

Choosing the Audio You Want to Process

By simply selecting an audio region in your project you have made the first step toward a successful bounce in place! Normal bouncing works by sleeting the area between the locators, whilst bounce in place relies on the user actually highlighting a specific audio region.

The audio region is selected.

Selecting the Bounce in Place Function

With your region highlighted you can go to the 'region' drop down menu at the top of the arrange window and select 'bounce regions in place'. You should now see a new window drop down and you are presented with a good number of options.

The bounce in place option is selected

Here you can name your new file, choose it's destination and decide what happens to the older, original version. You can also choose to bypass effects, include and effects tail and automation. All these options add up to a very flexible system.

... and the settings window is revealed

Cleaning Up

Once you have bounced your new audio you should end up with a totally new version of your audio region. Depending on the option you chose during the process you may also be left with the older version of your audio. I prefer to keep this and use the 'hide' function to tuck it away, in case I need to alter and re-bounce at a later stage.

As you can see this is a much faster way to bounce your audio and it gives basically the same result as the traditional method. In fact I find this method actually includes more options and often gives me better results. The fact that you never have to leave the arrange window also keeps things very transparent.

The new audio is ready and the old can be hidden.

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