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Sad & Moody Royalty-Free Music: 20 Tracks

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Even though sadness and moodiness are often thought of as negative feelings, they're part of the wide range of emotions that everybody experiences. They're basic sentiments that allow us to relate to others, feel compassion, and become pensive.

When it comes to audiovisual projects, however, exploring those feelings actually helps add depth and power to them.

In this article, I'll show you a number of royalty-free music tracks to amp up the intensity of multimedia projects with this list of 20 sad, royalty-free music tracks at AudioJungle.

1. Emotional Inspiring Piano & Strings

A soft piano, nostalgic strings and beautiful arrangements make this first piece ideal for the gloomy weather or an inspirational video or audio project.

2. New Era

Expect an epic track when you click on this link. 'New Era' evokes feelings of sadness and tragedy. Just what's needed in an emotion-filled scene.

3. Dramatic Trailer

For a more dramatic approach to sad and moody songs, try 'Dramatic Trailer'. It has suspense, tension, eeriness, and lots of drama. 

4. Wind of Freedom

Soulful and beautiful, 'Wind of Freedom' has an epic vibe suited to a trailer, a cinematic score, or another audiovisual masterpiece.

5. The Morning After

Sadness can be soft, too. 'The Morning After' brings the exact amount of melancholy and calm through a gentle piano and a few strings.

6. Beauty

In a way, those feelings of nostalgia and sorrow can be beautiful. This royalty-free music track is exactly that: a beautiful way to represent sadness.

7. Sad Cellos

The cello is a powerful instrument, capable of conveying a range of emotion. However, its deeper tone makes it perfect to give drama and sadness to any piece.

8. Solo Piano

To add some touching depth to an audiovisual project, listen to this track. A simple but heartfelt royalty-free melody to help you achieve just that.

9. Dramatic Piano Trailer

If you want an audience to feel the suspense of a dramatic scene, try this orchestral arrangement.

10. Uplifting Cinematic Documentary

To immerse the public in deep thought and a reflective mood, use the 'Uplifting Cinematic Documentary' royalty-free track. 

11. Cinematic Music & Underscore Pack

Powerful drums, ambient strings and a softened piano come together to create this 'Cinematic Music & Underscore Pack'.

12. Ambient Ocean

My personal favourite track from the list. 'Ambient Ocean' experiments with mysterious sounds that are dark and emotional.

13. Inevitability

Disembodied voices, ambient sounds and a very creepy vibe make up the 'Inevitability' royalty-free song. This is sure to give viewers the jitters!

14. Romantic Emotional Wedding Pack

For a more romantic take on 'sad music', listen to this sentimental royalty-free song. It's a perfect one to transmit tenderness, tranquility, and even melancholy.

15. Inspiring Piano & Beautiful Cinematic Pack

This royalty-free song starts out in a slow and subdued manner, only to evolve into a powerful and inspiring music track. Ideal for a moving scene.

16. Sad Storytelling

An acoustic guitar plays, only to be joined by a lovely piano and a firm drumbeat shortly thereafter. This music track takes you to a starry night by a bonfire.

17. Memories

Taking a stroll down memory lane quickly becomes nostalgic. And this is exactly what this royalty-free track does with the use of a violin and a piano.

18. Epic Hip Hop Outro

Hands down, this is the most energetic royalty-free music track of the bunch. Even so, there's no denying that it's strong and dramatic. 

19. Sad Story

What can you expect from a song with a name such as 'Sad Story'? This nostalgic and tragic track has spectators feeling all of the emotions.

20. Death of a King

To end with a bang: 'Death of a King'. It's as epic as it can get. The soundtrack for a dark and dramatic multimedia project needs this haunting royalty-free music track.


AudioJungle has your back even if you require dramatic, nostalgic and moodier royalty-free music tracks for your audiovisuals.

The best tracks from its library are listed in this post. However, you can search through the platform if you require something different to complete your projects.

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