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Silly and Hilarious: The Best Royalty-Free Music Tracks for Comedy Movies

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Having a good laugh brings more colour and brightness to our days. Moreover, being the reason why other people experience those warm, joyful feelings can give purpose to our lives. That's why comedic audiovisual projects exist: to distract and bring good vibes to others.

However, all of that effort can fall short if the music that accompanies your comedy movies isn't right. The score needs to be silly, uplifting and upbeat so that its listeners can get in the mood to have a giggle. 

To keep your search for royalty-free music tracks as light and humorous as your comedy multimedia projects, go through this post. In it, I've made a list of the absolute best funny, comical songs found on AudioJungle's massive library.

1. True Fun Maker

What better way to start than with a true fun maker. Funnily enough, this is the title for this first track. It's the definition of an upbeat and feel good song with trumpets, percussion and a slightly funky '70s vibe.

2. Funny Kids 

Children are probably one of the most hilarious beings out there because they are genuine and innocent. Just listen to this cute, happy tune and tell me you don't feel instantly happier and childlike. 

3. Zippy 

Clowns or mischief may come to mind with the tune of this next song. But with a title such as 'Zippy', You wouldn't expect anything else. Relish the playful mix of the tuba, xylophone, trumpet and piano.

4. Spooky 

Spooky stuff  can be funny and comical too. This next royalty-free music track has some wicked and hilarious elements to it that make up the perfect song to add to any audiovisual projects that require a 'prankish' feel to them.

5. Sneaky Comedy 

Picture this: a scene in which a person tries to sneak around a house unnoticed or plots some sort of prank on someone. This is the song to accompany those visuals since, as its title states, it's sneaky and comical. 

6. Light Comedy Scoring

An upbeat, jumpy, and animated song. This is what you can expect from 'Light Comedy Scoring'. Lend an ear to it and you can to picture cartoons being silly, funny and just a tad bit naughty.

7. The Entertainer 

A lighthearted, feel-good twist on an already lighthearted, feel-good masterpiece. This old-timey tune is instantly recognizable and incredibly fun and lively. Moreover, it's sure to keep your audience entertained. 

8. Troublemaker 

What is comedy without getting into a little bit of trouble? The 'Troublemaker' gives off the cheerful, silly and animated vibes that you want for your multimedia projects. Plus, you'll find that it's difficult to keep yourself from whistling along.

9. Plucky Comedy 

Sometimes, you need to find a song that's an accomplice to the whimsical character on the screen that's about to trick or play a joke on an innocent and unsuspecting person. For such occasions, hit 'play' on this royalty-free music track. 

10. Super Duper Cha Cha Cha 

If what you want is your audience to dance along and do the super duper cha cha cha, then this is the song that you were looking for to make that happen. Careful when listening to it, though, as you may end up dancing to it, too.

11. Sir Ukulele 

This next royalty-free music track is as catchy as can be. Whistles, a tuba, and cymbals among other instruments create the perfect feel-good tune with silly vibes. Use it in your movie, ad, YouTube video and more to give them a fun spin.

12. Fun Funk Funky 

This song brings in the funk! A groovy, uplifting song such as this one brightens any visuals. You can bet that whoever watches your project will be whistling along by the end of it.  

13. Mobile Fun 

Just listen to five seconds of this royalty-free music track and tell me it didn't put a smile on your face. This makes it the ideal tune to add to a video game, a cartoon or another silly, comedic project aimed at children.

14. Light and Happy Cinematic Orchestra 

For a more breezy and elegant approach to tracks for comedy projects, there's this orchestral arrangement that's aptly named 'Light and Happy Cinematic Orchestra'. It adds a bright element to the opening scene of a movie, for example. 

15. The Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice 

Last, but definitely not least, this royalty-free music track makes you reminisce on a beloved cartoon cat with gloves who never caught a mouse. Listen to this and feel silly, playful and very positive.


Don't stress searching for light and silly royalty-free music tracks for your comedy audiovisual projects! Simply go through the list in this post and choose your favourite one.

If you didn't come across the right fit, know that AudioJungle has your back. Its wide selection of high quality royalty-free music tracks will surely have something for you to score your comedy, drama, corporate and other audiovisual projects.

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