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Studying With Royalty-Free Music

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Some people say it helps them focus, whilst others say the complete opposite. This difference in opinions has sparked a debate long-winded debate. Should you study, work or focus on anything important while listening to music or not?

I've written this post to finally put this question to rest. Here, you'll be able to read some of the advantages and disadvantages of listening to music while studying. I've also included examples of royalty-free study music that could help you remain focused. All of these songs are available on AudioJungle, so you know they're high quality.

Why You Shouldn't Study With Music

It May Distract You

The most popular reason why people don't listen to music while studying is that it can be distracting. And they're right: energetic songs or songs with lyrics may take attention away from the subject at hand.

It May Affect Your Mood

Music has the wonderful ability of altering your mood. Still, if you're not careful, a mood swing may derail academic efforts. Choose study music wisely so you don't feel stressed or distraught while studying.

It May Confuse You

Royalty-free study music can help you focus, especially when working on mechanical tasks. However, when working on something more challenging, certain music can lead to mistakes and confusion.

It May Make for Inefficient Study Sessions

Lastly, after you take into account the other 'cons' of listening to music while studying, you'll understand why doing so can lead to inefficient study sessions that take up more of your time than expected.

Why You Should Study With Music

It Keeps Energy Up

To learn properly, you need to focus on your lessons for long hours. This can drain the energy out of you. Royalty-free study music can be helpful, as it may be able to keep your energy up and studying for longer. 

It Helps the Memorisation Process

Certain music can be distracting. However, listening to classical or relaxing music can actually increase focus. This can have a positive effect on your memorisation and learning process.

It Lowers Anxiety Levels

If you've been studying for a long time, you may start to experience stress and anxiety. Calming, royalty-free study music can change your perspective on study sessions and help you continue with a better attitude.

It Boosts Creativity

The last 'pro' of listening to music while studying is that it can boost your creativity. Music can inspire you, which can stimulate your problem-solving skills. This can be very handy when studying.

Awesome Royalty-Free Study Music

If you read the 'pros' and 'cons' of studying with music, you learned that the answer to the age-old debate mainly depends on the type of music you listen to. Download the royalty-free study music below to include them in your playlist for your next study sessions.

1. Education 

This first music track has a beat that helps keep your energy up without getting in the way of concentration.

2. The Happiness 

This one puts you in a good mood. As stated, mood can influence the outcome of your study sessions, so keep a positive attitude with this song.

3. Soul Healing Meditation 

If you're feeling anxious about a big project or a test, listening to music tracks similar to this one will help you enter a state of relaxation.

4. Morning Light 

While relaxing and calming, 'Morning Light' is a song that will put a smile on your face, even while you're focusing on work.

5. Interesting Profession 

'Interesting Profession' is a royalty-free study music track that has techno elements while keeping an uplifting and chill vibe.

6. My Own Space 

Speaking of techno and electronic vibes, there's this song. This one's a bit more upbeat, but it won't distract you as you try to study. 

7. The Modern 

'The Modern' is a chill, uplifting and positive music track. It's energetic enough to boost your mood, but understated enough so you can keep concentration.

8. Minimal Technology Engineering 

As for 'Minimal Technology Engineering', it's a royalty-free song that mixes high and low pitched sounds perfectly.

9. Corporate Idea 

'Corporate Idea' is another song with a beat. Still, it has a very calming effect that can accompany you during study sessions.

10. Soothing Soundscape 

Finally, try 'Soothing Soundscape'. As the name states, this royalty-free study music track is soothing, which can help relieve stress when studying.


An effective study session requires great amounts of focus. Though the right kind of music can be hard to come by, using it can help you in this respect. 

To guarantee you can study successfully with music, listen to the royalty-free study music tracks in this post. If you didn't find the right fit here, search through AudioJungle's massive library until you do.

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