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Suspenseful and Scary: the Best Royalty-Free Music for Thrilling Movies

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Sweat runs down your face. The urge to bite your nails is too much to resist. Goosebumps cover your whole body. You want to turn away, but you can't. Instead, you widen your eyes, hold your breath and hope for the best.

This is the effect that watching thrillers and suspense movies has on some people. Still, while the story and the images on the screen may be frightening and anxiety-inducing, if the score doesn't complement them then the efforts to scare or captivate an audience will fall flat.

To ensure a scary audiovisual project doesn't become laughable due to poor song selection, I've listed some of the best royalty-free music tracks for your thrilling movies, all available on AudioJungle.

1. Power of Darkness 

Let's start off this list with an epic royalty-free song that, as the name implies, is dark and powerful. It's cinematic and orchestral, but it can definitely add a bit of suspense and strength to whatever multimedia project you're working on.

2. Glitchy Disease Rising Trailer 

In some cases, thrilling movies call for aggressive background music that accompany an intense, dark and suspenseful scene. If you're in the need for such a track, this one will fit your needs perfectly.  

3. House of Horror 

This next entry is seriously frightening. 'House of Horror' is a royalty-free music track that can deliver a creepy factor with a ghostly piano that plays on top of some otherworldly strings.

4. Dramatic Trailer 

A fitting song for a dramatic trailer is what you can expect and what you'll get with this royalty-free music track. It starts out slow with a creepy, lonely piano and builds up into a very mighty, cinematic, ominous tune. 

5. Blockbuster Trailer 12 

From the very second this song starts, your skin will begin to crawl. There's a sense of impending doom that comes with it. This will make an audience jump up from their seats when they're watching the movie, short, ad or other project.

6. Epic Hybrid Logo 1 

For some reason, sound glitches are scary. Maybe it's the fact that they let you know that something isn't right. If you glitches make you feel uneasy, listen to this next royalty-free music track that also has strong cellos that intensify the suspense.

7. Dark Matters 

A sweet piano melody introduces this song. However, as it progresses, the bleak strings, the sudden dissonance, among other elements, give it a mysterious, tense vibe that lets you know that something is hiding in the dark.  

8. Suspense 

Of course, if I'm working on a list that goes over music scores for suspenseful movies, I need to include a song titled 'Suspense'. I imagine this song in a thrilling movie about cops going on an undercover job.

9. Electro Intense Intro Trailer 

This royalty-free movie score is what nightmares are made of. It has such an intense and dark sound that will induce stress immediately. Needless to say, if this is the effect you want to have on your audience, then go for it. 

10. Epic Battle 

I can think of few sites that are as scary and as nerve-wracking as a battlefield. But, if that isn't enough for you and you truly want your viewers to sweat bullets, add this epic royalty-free music track to the mix. 

11. Angry Bumblebee Swarm 

A strange sense of dread will wash over you after listening to 'Angry Bumblebee Swarm'. It's a simple song, but it's effective in creating a very creepy atmosphere that you just want to get away from.

12. Damaged 2 

'Damaged' is how you'll end up after you've listened to this song. It's slightly horrifying and has a sinister tone to it. Still, it's grandiose and extremely dramatic. This can increase the quality of your multimedia projects. 

13. Epic Action Thriller Trailer 

If thrill is what you seek, thrill is what you'll get with 'Epic Action Thriller Trailer'. With its strong drums, you can just picture a hero taking the ultimate risk to protect a loved one or other innocent people from an evil force.

14. Dramatic and Epic Trailer

A movie's climax is the point in the story where there's the highest amount of tension or drama. Obviously, your project's climactic scene requires a royalty-free music track that increases the stress. And this is the perfect song for it. 

15. Epic Cinematic Trailer 

And to finish off the list, another epic addition to this selection. With this song, however, you won't be able to stop biting your nails. It's loud, dramatic, dark and thrilling, which will  get your heart racing. 


You can breathe now. It's over and you've made it to the end of this post unharmed. I know the song selection kept you on the edge of your seat, but that just goes to show how important a royalty-free music track can be to convey the right sentiment on your thrilling audiovisual projects.

Just know that if you didn't find the perfect fit on this list, you can browse AudioJungle's massive library until you do. If you dare, that is.

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