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Take Your Game’s Immersion to the Next Level With Responsive Game Music


Music that is capable of changing dynamically and seamlessly to reflect what is happening on-screen can add a whole new level of immersion to a game. In this Gamedevtuts+ tutorial we take a look at one of the easier ways to add responsive music to a game.

How can you add responsive music to your games? Well, there are numerous ways of achieving this. Some are a lot more sophisticated than others and require multiple audio channels to be streamed from a local storage device, but adding some basic responsive music to a game is actually quite easy if you have access to a low-level sound API.

We are going to take a look at one solution that is simple and lightweight enough to be used today in online games – including JavaScript based games.


Here is a recorded version of the responsive music demo.

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If you're interested in JavaScript development, or game audio in general, you can read the remainder of the tutorial on Gamedevtuts+. It includes source code, a live JavaScript demo, and detailed written instructions. Enjoy!

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