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The 10 Best Motivational Royalty-Free Music Tracks

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Music, as an art form, inspires and motivates people. Music is incredibly valuable in a number different ways.

You may have a multimedia project—such as a corporate video, an ad, a short—with which you want to reach people and help them accomplish their own goals. Paired with the perfect motivational music, audiovisuals will grab their attention to convey the message effectively.

Whatever the case may be, having top quality inspiring royalty-free music tracks boosts mood. 

To help you choose the absolute best motivational music, take look at these selected songs that are available on AudioJungle.

1. Emotional Inspiring Piano & Strings 

This first one is an emotional, inspiring tune that employs pianos and strings beautifully. This royalty-free music track puts smiles on faces. It's ideal for a feel-good audiovisual piece.

2. Emotional Motivation Cinematic Trailer 

For an inspiring song with more of an energetic and uplifting edge, 'Emotional Motivation Cinematic Trailer' starts out slow with a simple piano and evolves in to a grand orchestral arrangement.

3. Emotional Cinematic Inspiring Piano 

Add a strong and heart-felt vibe to corporate videos, YouTube projects, ads, short films and other audiovisuals, with this inspiring royalty-free music track. As expected from its title, it's an emotional, cinematic and inspiring piano.

4. Inspiring Children's Choir 

The sweet, angelic voices of a children's choir takes minds to a new, peaceful realm. If this is the kind of emotion that you want to convey in your audiovisual projects, lend your ear to this soothing 'Inspiring Children's Choir'

5. The Epic

If you're looking to be epically inspired, try 'The Epic'. It has punch, a strong sound and a dramatic touch. All of it combined to fill you with emotion.

6. Inspiring and Uplifting Cinematic Trailer 

If you're looking for an elegant, bright and uplifting royalty-free music track that reaches people and engages them with on-screen content, you should definitely spend a few minutes listening to this gorgeous song.  

7. Happy Upbeat Uplifting Energetic Pop Corporate 

Forget your troubles, come on get happy. Put on a can do attitude  accomplish goals. Moreover, motivate the viewers of audiovisual projects to do the same with this royalty-free music track. 

8. Ancient World 

'Ancient World' inspires you to work, move, do better and achieve more. All of this while transporting you to a middle eastern place with its ethnic and exotic sounds. Its enchanted voices and mystical instruments are made for an opener or a documentary.

9. Life in Pictures 

With a nostalgic title such as 'Life in Pictures', it will come as no surprise that this royalty-free song will give you the feels. If you score your multimedia projects with this tune, you will create a calm, happy and bright ambiance.

10. Energetic Upbeat Corporate Piano 

Ending this list on a high note for a corporate video project requiring an energetic and upbeat piano, this is the perfect match for it. This is the kind of tune that makes you want to get up and get to it in the mornings.


When you feel motivated and inspired, you can accomplish nearly anything. Get yourself excited to work and share that sentiment with your audience with the use of awesome royalty-free music tracks. 

If you didn't find the perfect fit for what you're working on here, know that you can always trust AudioJungle and its huge library to deliver. Do a quick search and you're sure to find a tune that lifts you up, puts a smile on your face and keeps you going.

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