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The 20 Best Royalty-Free Epic Music Tracks

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A dramatic movie, an inspiring short, a motivational corporate video, a touching ad, or other similar audiovisual projects will benefit tremendously from a royalty-free music track that complements the power of the visuals.

If you're searching for that combination of instruments to make your multimedia projects stand out, check out this post. I've gathered the cream of the crop when it comes to epic royalty-free music tracks on AudioJungle.

1. Hollywood Trailer 

An epic royalty-free music track that's perfect for a trailer. Playing it alone can excite the listener. Imagine the powerful nature of this track paired with epic imagery.

2. Glitchy Trailer 

When you first listen to this song, you can picture a thrilling scene in slow-motion. The kind that will have your audience biting their nails in anticipation.

3. New Era 

Different from the first two, this tune is calmer and more solemn. As the name states, it has a very 'New Era' vibe to it, which could work on an epic video game or corporate video. 

4. Frozen Wind Trailer 

This royalty-free music track mixes in perfectly the different elements that an epic song should have: from a classic orchestra to a glitchy, futuristic sound.

5. Emotional Motivation Cinematic Trailer 

Upon listening to this track, I can picture it in a corporate or promotional audiovisual project, since it can put you in that inspired and emotional mood.

6. Power of Darkness 

Contrary to the last song, this is not as emotional and motivating. Sometimes, darkness can be epic, too. Tensing strings, brass instruments and drums make it a powerful song.

7. The Epic 

This is not just any epic royalty-free music track. This is 'The Epic' royalty-free music track. And it shows. It has an all-mighty, theatrical orchestral arrangement. 

8. Inspiring and Uplifting Cinematic Trailer 

To create a lighter and uplifting atmosphere in epic audiovisual projects, try adding the 'Inspiring and Uplifting Cinematic Trailer' music track.

9. Cinematic Motivational Trailer Adventure Dramatic 

If an ad, short, video game or other project needs a tune to lift its viewers' excitement levels, 'Cinematic Motivational Trailer Adventure Dramatic' may be the one for you.

10. Cinematic Dramatic Inspiring Motivational Corporate Trailer 

Even though this track conveys a similar feeling to the last one, it's a bit more dramatic. It even has a soft piano that guides you through some parts of the song.

11. Rise 

You know that part of the movie in which you think the hero has been defeated, but he's preparing to rise up and return with a vengeance. This is the score for that scene.

12. Percussive Energetic Upbeat Action & Sports 

This one presents a more energetic and upbeat approach to epic royalty-free music tracks. Its powerful percussion will have you stomping feet and clapping along to it.

13. Alexandrea 

If tragedy strikes in a multimedia project,  this is the background music you need to convey that heavy and dramatic feeling. Perfect for a climactic scene.

14. Blockbuster Trailer 12 

This piece evokes a very dramatic and action-filled scene. It's strong, majestic and just a tad bit dark. As the title suggest, it's ideal for a blockbuster movie. 

15. Inspire

With a name such as 'Inspire' you expect to hear an inspiring mix of elements on this royalty-free music track. Well, this is what you'll get with this track.

16. Smoke Orchestra 

This song has a more mischievous, playful and upbeat vibe to it, as it has a symphonic orchestra with hip hop elements to it. I would use this in an adventure film.

17. Inspiring Trailer 

The beautiful sound of light strings and the powerful and consistent percussion come together to create an inspiring track that may be featured in a promotional video. 

18. Sounds of Green 

Even though this song starts out slow and calm, it builds up into a powerful and inspiring tune little by little, only to return to its original soothing melody by the end of it.

19. Epic 

With a title such as 'Epic', this royalty-free music track promises a lot. Fortunately, it delivers. An epic track in every sense of the word, this will send shivers down your spine.

20. Rise Above 

It's time to finish off the list with a truly epic score for your audiovisual projects. This song presents a mix of strings, piano, percussion and other instruments that helps it rise above the rest.


Add an epic atmosphere to your already powerful audiovisual projects with the royalty-free music tracks that I've presented in this post. 

If you feel you need something a bit different to compliment your video games, films, corporate videos or ads, explore through AudioJungle to find high-quality content.

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