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Top 10 Royalty-Free Music Tracks by Decade: 1950s

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Elvis Presley. The Rat Pack. Motown Records. 'Hound Dog'. 'Jailhouse Rock'. 'Long Tall Sally'. The music of the fifties was undeniably rocking and fab. If you'd like to put some of that flavor into your audiovisual projects, you'll need top-quality fifties-inspired royalty-free music tracks. In this post, I've gathered the absolute best ones available on AudioJungle.

1. That 50s Show 

Fifties housewives. This is what this first royalty-free music track will remind you of. Its playful tone could work well to present a game or a fun section in an audiovisual project.

2. Rockabilly Boogie 

Rock and roll was probably the musical genre of the 1950s. Get to experience some of it in your videos, games, podcasts and more, through 'Rockabilly Boogie'.

3. Happy Lollipop Girls 

'Happy Lollipop Girls' brings joy and a feel good vibe to whoever listens to it. It's summery, fun, and perfect to include in a piece where you want to convey positivity.

4. Surf Hits the Beach 

Surf music appeared on the scene during the late fifties and early sixties. If you want to give that beach feel to your projects, make use of the 'Surf Hits the Beach' music track.

5. Happy Kitsch Comedy 

For a light, happy, comedic touch to whatever you're working on, employ 'Happy Kitsch Comedy'. It has a vibraphone, a trombone, brass, drums, and a very catchy tune.

6. Retro Happiness 

Imagine the school dances of the fifties, like the one pictured in 'Grease'. 'Retro Happiness' could easily fit in that scenario, with its suave rhythm and light overall feel. 

7. Quirky Jazz 

Jazz can be smooth, chilled, heartfelt, bluesy, and more. It can also be modern, positive, quirky, and fun. Have a listen to this track to get a carefree and happy jazz song.

8. Retro Party Fun 

Return to the beach with 'Retro Party Fun'. This song is everything its title describes, as it can easily set a carefree, cheerful vibe in whatever audiovisual project you have.

9. Technicolor & Tonic 

This royalty-free music track is as soothing and relaxed as can be. It has a bossa nova sound, which is a music genre that started to spread in the 1950s. 

10. Doo Wop Candy Shop 

Lastly, there's 'Doo Wop Candy Shop'. Doo wop became hugely popular in the 1940s, but still had an impact in the 1950s. Now you can add it to your projects through this song.


Hit the play button and listen to the most fab fifties-inspired royalty-free music tracks. Add some of that rock and roll with the songs in this list. Remember that if you can't find the perfect tune here, you can search through AudioJungle's vast library.

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