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Video Game Background Music: 5 Tips & 20 Royalty-Free Music Tracks

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The right music is crucial in a video game. It's needed to create ambiance, to build up the tension and to convey a message. Choosing the perfect royalty-free video game music tracks, however, isn't easy. You'll need to learn how to do it, as well as listen to a lot of music until you find the ideal fits. 

Luckily, in this post I've shared tips that help you in your quest. I've also shared the best royalty-free video game music tracks available on AudioJungle. This way, you have the know-how and the right elements to add music to a video game project.

Winning music for video gamesWinning music for video gamesWinning music for video games
Winning music for video games

Tip 1: Study the Game Thoroughly

First things first: study the game thoroughly. You'll only convey the message accurately if you know what the message is.

The soundtrack should be in tune with the overall story, the context the songs will be played in, the difficulty level of the video game, the target audience and the visual style of it all. 

Get a good sense of what the video game is about before moving forward.

Cinematic Dramatic Inspiring Motivational Corporate Trailer

Let's say the story of the video game is an epic tale that has drama and intensity. This is the song for it.


This royalty-free video game music track is also powerful, but in a softer and an understated manner.


'Alexandrea' can provide your video game with a deeper and more emotional ambiance than the previous two.


If you require is a more uplifting song that can go with a more uplifting passage in the game, give 'Timelapse' a listen.

Tip 2: Define What the Music Will Achieve

Next up, ask yourself what you wish to accomplish with the soundtrack. 

Music plays many roles. It's the complement to the visuals presented. It helps players stay focused on a particularly challenging feat they need to accomplish. It may be used to enhance a particular emotion. 

Find the purpose the music needs to fulfil so you have a clear direction in the selection process.


'Hero' has a more energetic vibe to it. This makes it perfect for the intro or ending credits of a video game.

Cinematic Action Trailer Adventure Dramatic Intro 

If you need to make the player feel tense and pressured to achieve something grand, this may well be the song.

Event Horizon 

Even though this royalty-free video game music track is calm, it also has a very intense and dark vibe.

Epic Inspiring Uplifting Motivational Cinematic Trailer 

As its name states, this one is epic, inspiring, uplifting and motivational. It's also very dramatic.

Tip 3: Learn About Music Theory

Something that's not a must, but definitely helps, is knowing about music theory. 

Putting together a video game soundtrack is easier and is more effective if you've a trained ear. 

Knowing about keys, pace, harmonies and melodies will allow you to have a better idea of what would work well.

Orchestral Uplifting Trailer 

If at some point during the game, you're after an inspiring vibe. This royalty-free music track conveys that emotion.


If the video game more adventurous, fun and energetic, then 'Celtic' may be a perfect match for it.

Mobile Fun 

'Mobile Fun' works for video games aimed at children or that have a playful and carefree mood.

Dramatic and Epic Trailer 

This next song starts slow and calm building up to a powerful and intense song that is ideal for video games.

Tips 4: Define a Genre and Mood

Define a genre and mood for the musical elements of the video game. 

This is an important step, as it sets the tone and creates the ambiance of the video game. It also helps reduce search criteria significantly. 

If you require assistance, it's recommended that you seek inspiration from video games that have a similar story and vibe as yours. This way, you'll be able to see what has worked well (or hasn't) for them.

Epic Horizons 

For an epic and action-packed video game, listen to 'Epic Horizons'. It helps to set the right mood.


This royalty-free video game music track has a majestic orchestral arrangement that elevates the tension in the game.

Epic Video Game Adventure Trailer 

This song literally has the words 'video game adventure trailer' in its name, so you know it's going to be good.

Quirky Wacky 

Sometimes, you need a bit of silliness in your video games. For such occasions, go for 'Quirky Wacky'

Tip 5: Gather Music Tracks

Start gathering music tracks that fit in with the video game. You'll probably have to create a big library before you start narrowing down the selection.

A big tip is to use royalty-free music to avoid getting in trouble with the soundtrack. 

Another thing to consider is that you may want to avoid songs with vocals or complicated lyrics. This is because they may divert the player's attention away from the game.


Keep players inspired and motivated to do something heroic with this 'Epic' video game music track.

Epic Cinematic Adventure 

Imagine this song playing as the background music to an adventure, medieval-inspired video game.

Modern Cinematic Opening Credits 

This royalty-free video game music track is dark and ominous. It's perfect for a mystery video game. 


To end the list on a quirky, fun note, listen to 'Circensis'. It will add a mischievous element to your game.


Putting together a cohesive video game soundtrack that goes well with its vibe and message is incredibly important. However, it isn't an easy feat. Hopefully, you learned a thing or two that could make the selection process easier. 

Remember that if you didn't find the perfect musical fits for your video game in this post, you can search through AudioJungle. It has the absolute best selection of royalty-free video game music tracks. 

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