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Yeehaw! The Best Country Royalty-Free Music Tracks

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A banjo, a harmonica, a guitar and a steady beat. Mix these all together and you end up with Country music.

If you love Country music, and are searching for awesome royalty-free music tracks with a Western twist to them, whether for an audiovisual project or for personal use, I've compiled the absolute best country royalty-free music tracks that can be found at AudioJungle

1. Happy Acoustic Folk Loop 

This list starts on a happy, chipper note. This song has some carefree harmonica, a jumpy guitar and even some lights bells that lift up its mood.

2. Country Rock Groove 

This royalty-free music track has all of the punch and edge that you would expect from a country song. Plus, it has amazing rock elements to it.

3. Banjo Hillbilly 

Country music is also known as hillbilly music. This song does it justice, as you can just picture a hillbilly happily playing the banjo to it.

4. Dirty Swamp Jack 2 

Stomp your feet and clap along with 'Dirty Swamp Jack 2'. It has a playful guitar and mandolin that will transport your mind to the great outdoors.

5. Country Chase 

This is a very upbeat song that still has a comedic side to it. This makes it ideal for when you need a tune that can put you in a good mood.

6. Country 3 

Hop on your horse and herd some cattle to the rhythm of this next country music hit. It has all of the staples of a great royalty-free music track with a western vibe.

7. The Country Bad Boys 

Turn up the volume and ride around on your truck with 'The Country Bad Boys'. It has that aggressive country spin that can be so fun.

8. Swingin' Country Shuffle 

When you listen to this next song, you'll picture yourself stepping into a barn dance and seeing people square dancing to the lively piano. 

9. The Heart and Soul of America 

Country music originated in the Southern United States. This royalty-free music track tries to capture the true essence of the place.

10. Country Road 

For a sweeter, calmer take on country music, 'Country Road'. A lonely acoustic guitar plays a tune that's both light and nostalgic. 

11. Bluegrass Instrumental 

Bluegrass is a sub-genre of Country music. Press play on this track and listen to how the different instruments come together to form a mellow yet energetic song.

12. Western Hero 

Country music is filled with Western heroes: cowboys, sheriffs and outlaws. This royalty-free song imagines you're watching the movie of one of their stories. 

13. Western 

Picture a scene in a Western movie, in which the good guy and bad guy are getting ready to fight. This would be the soundtrack to it.

14. Mexican Theme 

'Mexican Theme' takes you on a journey through the arid desert of the American-Mexican border, where the scenery is monochromatic but the people are colourful.

15. Dixieland Stomp 

Now, let's travel all of the way into the heart of Dixieland. The fast and cheerful violin on 'Dixieland Stomp' definitely takes you there.

16. Patriotic Country 

Americans everywhere will recognise this next song. It puts a fun and uplifting twist on the well-loved classic 'America the Beautiful'

17. Twangocity 

If what you crave is an upbeat, fast-paced country royalty-free music track, lend your ear to this one. Its melody is as fun as its name.

18. Banjo Farm 

Bringing the tempo back down again. 'Banjo Farm' has you imagining yourself at a farm, watching chickens, sheep, pigs and dogs happily run around.

19. Morning Glory 

When you wake with the first rays of sunshine, and you're on your bed all cosy during a cold autumn day, this is the song that's playing on the background.

20. Foot Stomping Guitar Gospel Blues 

To end the list with a stereotypical country song, this one. 'Foot Stomping Guitar Gospel Blues' is a perfect description of what you'll get when you listen to it.


Whether you want to listen to some good old country songs, or you require western-style royalty-free music for an audiovisual project, know that AudioJungle has your back.

If none of the ones I selected on this list tickles your fancy, a quick search on the site will yield awesome results.

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