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Workshop #305: "Don't Count Me Out!

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This track has been submitted for your friendly, constructive criticism. What useful feedback can you give the artist? The floor is yours to talk about the track and how they can fix problems in and improve upon the mix and the song.

Description of the track:

I have written over 300 songs, and then realized one day that I better start recording some of them! I picked this song to record first, because it was the simplest song, and I wanted to focus on learning how to record and mix before tackling more complicated songs.

I play all the instruments myself and recorded the song using Cubase. I've remixed and rearranged the song a number of times, but it still doesn't have the polish and professionalism I would like. I'm spending a lot of time on it because I think that if I can get it sounding great, then recording my other songs will be much more straightforward.

Any feed back and suggestions would be very welcome.

Artist's website:

Here's the latest version of the song, on SoundCloud:


Well you think you got an easy victory, by picking on a little guy like me
Well I confess you caught me by surprise, but that just lit the fire in my eyes
When I was young I used to run away, from anything that even looked my way
But now that I've grown up to be a man, I'm not afraid to finally make stand

So don't count me out, cause this fight ain't done
You may think it's over, but it's just begun
So don't look now, cause here I come
You may think it's over, but it's just. be. gun. Yeah!
Hey, hey... (tribal warfare chant)

Verse - A, D, G, D
Chorus - G, D, A

Terms of Use: Users can stream the track for the purposes of giving feedback but cannot download or redistribute it.

Have a listen to the track and offer your constructive criticism for this Workshop in the comments section. Feel free to offer any type of advice - arrangement, mix, lyrics, performance. And remember to play nice - be constructive!

Need constructive criticism on your own tracks? Submit them for a workshop using this form. Most but not all submissions are published. There may be a few month's wait.
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