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13 Best Soundtracks for Chill Lo-fi Listening (Beats to Relax to)


If you’re studying, kicking back in the evening, or even prefer relaxing beats to listen to while writing or creating, these chill lo-fi tracks are perfect to put on in the background. 

What is Lo-fi Music? 

Lo-fi has become a music or production genre which deliberately embraces imperfections. Subtle atmospheric noises, hissing, and suggestions of dust on vinyl are all audible, giving lo-fi (low-fidelity, or low-quality) its recognisable aesthetic.

Lo-fi is huge this year, with streams on Youtube giving people at home a way to listen and even connect:

“I think Lofi streams are a great way to kill time, and meet people from around the world too.” – Johnny Laxton

Why not play this lo-fi compilation while you’re chilling out or deep into a 1am study session? Read on to download each individual track.

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With that said, sit back, and soak up the chill lo-fi background tracks featured in our video!

1. Anime Japan Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

Anime Japan Lo-Fi Hip-Hop is an ideal royalty free track for any project that requires anything to do with anime (and perhaps autumn) audio tune.

2. Chill Lo-Fi Beat

Chilled, deep, and uplifting all at the same time.

3. Chill Beat

Calming, but with a strong and self-assured beat. Chill beat will make listeners feel relaxed, but assertive in equal measure.

4. Chill Hip-Hop

Chill Hip-Hop is perfect for projects which need a chilled sound, with a serving of hip-hop energy.

5. Chill Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

This is classic lo-fi, with the hiss and scratchiness of imperfection. 

6. Dusty

Raw and thick with atmosphere, Dusty uses heady beats and samples to build a strong sound.

7. Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

Chilled atmosphere, perfect for relaxing background music.

8. Lofi Hip Hop

Light and good-mooded, Lofi Hip Hop is a funky background track for your next project.

9. Lofi Hip Hop Chill

Slightly more sophisticated, Lofi Hip Hop Chill is perfect for advertising or promotional videos.

10. Moody Chill Lo-Fi Beat

Moody Chill Lo-Fi Beat is all about taking a moment at home, whilst gray skies move slowly overhead, rain hits the window, and leaves fall from the trees.

11. LoFi Hip Hop

Boom Bap go the bass and snare drums in this hip hop background track.

12. Soft Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Soft, yes, but with enough brute force to make you sit up and pay attention.

13. The Lofi Hip-Hop

To wrap up, this Lofi Hip-Hop track gives us all the great ingredients: drums, electronics, sampling, all wrapped up in a raw sound and with a chilled tempo.

How we Created the Chill Lo-fi Video

To create our chill lo-fi video we worked with the incredibly talented Henrik Evensen who provided the Photoshop artwork for a beautiful countryside backdrop. We then roped in the undeniable skills of Jonathan Lam who animated the scene using Adobe After Effects. 

Why not learn how to do it yourself? Follow the whole step-by-step process in our short course, available as part of your Envato Elements subscription.

How to Animate a Landscape Painting in Adobe After Effects
How to Animate a Landscape Painting in Adobe After Effects

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